Guy-Disney-articleRole: Team Member
Regiment: Light Dragoons
Home Town: Oxford
Injury: Below knee leg amputee
Date of Birth: 17/03/1982

Having been a member of the 2011 Walking With The Wounded North Pole expedition just six months after his amputation, Guy is looking forward to having the chance to complete this mission as quickly and successfully as the last one, which finished four days ahead of schedule.

In July 2009 whilst on patrol in Babaji, Afghanistan, Guy’s troop came under heavy and sustained small arms fire from a well-concealed enemy ambush site. After being hit by a rocket propelled grenade his right leg was amputated below the knee. On the North Pole expedition, Guy endured the task of managing his prosthetic leg and its fit. Temperatures can get as low as -50’C and the risk of this extreme cold to the leg and his stump was a huge concern. Significant time was dedicated to the research of the prosthesis and how it would react and cope in the relentless cold environment, Guy is looking forward to working with the experts involved with the challenge team once again to ensure the best chance at success for him and our other selected amputees.

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