Role: Team Member
Injury: Arm amputee
Date of Birth: 22/06/1977

A decorated member of the Yorkshire Regiment who has served and participated on operations all over the world. Ibrar is participating in the expedition in memory of two of his colleagues who were killed whilst Ibi was back in the UK attending the Walking With The Wounded selection process for the South Pole challenge.

While serving, Ibrar was involved in a roadside bomb explosion in 2007 that resulted in the amputation of his right arm as well as injuries to both legs and his left wrist. To be selected for the expedition was bitter sweet as he felt he should have been with the rest of his unit in Iraq during the selection period but was keenly aware that Walking With The Wounded helps many injured service personnel retrain and rebuild their civilian life after sustaining horrific injuries. He wants to help raise the profile of Walking With The Wounded by demonstrating that Britain’s Armed Forces continue to do extraordinary things even when dealing with life changing mental and physical injuries.

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