Role: Team Member
Regiment: 630th Miitary Police Company
Home Town: Lakewood, Colorado
Injury: Bells Palsy, Trigeminal Occipital Neuralgia, Mental Injury – PTSD
Date of Birth: 25/04/85

During her second tour in Iraq, Margaux was hit by an IED whilst she was in the gunner’s position in a Humvee in Baghdad. Unaware of how severe her concussion was from the blast, Margaux stayed in the country and continued with her active duty until March 2007 when she witnessed her best friend and two others die in another IED accident, after which she developed Bells Palsy and was sent to rehabilitation.

Determined to move forward, she set her sights on being promoted to Sergeant, despite the resistance from her unit who viewed her as unfit for the job due to her condition. After unsuccessful brain surgery, she was medically discharged. Margaux has undertaken both speech therapy to aid her memory and Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment for her pain and depression. To help with her anxiety in social situations, Margaux has a Husky service dog, and she has now progressed to be able to undertake public and social situations on her own.

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