Role: Team Member
Regiment: Air Force Office of Special Investigation
Home Town: Del Rio, Texas
Injury: Burns, Internal injuries, Mental injury – PTSD
Date of Birth: 31/01/1980

Therese attended Air Force ROTC at the University of Florida and was selected into the Office of Special Investigations and assigned to Lackland AFB in San Antonio, TX. After two years she was sent on her first deployment to the Baghdad International Airport in Iraq for a six- month tour.

In October 2004, Therese was severely injured when a suicide bomber entered the Green Zone in Baghdad. She sustained burns to 30% of her body as well as internal injuries, tissue loss on the left knee, and partial hearing loss.

Therese suffers from PTSD and depression, but has improved markedly over the past years with continued counselling and medication. She still undergoes physical therapy and CO2 laser surgeries to help prevent scar contractions and to aid circulation in her skin.

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