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Raising funds to retrain and re-skill our wounded and support them in finding new careers outside the Military. You can help by making a donation or fundraising for the charity.

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Marathon Des Sables 2014

WWTW is delighted to be entering its first team into what is known as the toughest foot race on earth; The Marathon Des Sables (MDS) 2014.

The race is a gruelling multi-stage adventure in one of the world’s most inhospitable climates – the Sahara desert. The rules require runners to be self-sufficient, to carry everything they need except water that is required to survive.

Started in 1986, the race is now in its 28th consecutive year and continues to grow in popularity every edition. Places are much sought after, and WWTW is delighted to have a team of five runners who are raising for us.

The gruelling race is a six day, 243km (151 mile) challenge. Over the six days, competitors will run the equivalent of five-and-a-half marathons in temperatures which often exceed 40ºC. The heat and sand can play havoc with the runners feet, turning them into a blistered mess after just one day.


The Marathon des Sables (MDS), or Marathon of the Sands, is considered one of the grand jewels of endurance sports. It is challenging on many levels, and attracts some of the top ultramarathon athletes from around the globe each year.

Please keep up to date with the training and progress of our MDS team as they prepare to run under the scorching Moroccan sun across saltpans, up desert-mountains, through ruined towns and the occasional sand storm!

For more information on the race visit

Our team

Adam Chapman, 33

Adam is an accomplished ultra marathon runner having taken up running seriously at University and through his time in the army. He has run many half marathons, marathons and ultras over the last few years and also enjoys cycling, hill walking, travel and anything outdoors. Adam has had his sights on the MdS for a number of years and is looking forward to the challenge.

Adam wants to test himself against the conditions and the race whilst raising as much money for WWTW as he can.

“The charity is important to me as I know first hand the effects of injury on our wounded, I have a number of close friends and former colleagues who have suffered life changing injuries whilst serving in the army. The knowledge that what I’ll be doing will help injured serviceman and women will be with me through out the race and hopefully spur me on even more.”

Adam is originally from Derbyshire and now works in London and the Middle East as a project manager, he left the army as a Captain in the Merican Regiment having served with them and 4/73 Special OP Battery in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Belize, Malawi, Northern Ireland and Cyprus.

You can follow news of Adam and his training here !

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Jack Daniell, 33

Jack is a marine engineer from Australia but currently based in Denmark, working globally, mainly on large vessels that require technical assistance. Jack is a keen climber, scuba diver, and loves paragliding and travelling whenever he can. Over the last few years Jack has climbed extensively in many countries, driven through West Africa on a road rally, undertaken an unsupported crossing of the Northern Patagonian icecap and has also walked to the North Pole, wining the Extreme World Races challenge in 2012 with Jamie Chisholm, another fellow MDS runner!

Jack enjoys the personal challenges brought with such adventures, and loves to see the beauty of such varied environments.

Jack has never done any ultra races, but has seen the work of WWTW and has been inspired to take on his own challenge to show his appreciation for what our forces do for us.

You can sponsor Jack here.

Jamie Chisholm, 37

Jamie has always had a love for the outdoors and a desire to explore certain types of wilderness. Travels around the world only encouraged this, and mountains became his true passion after an expedition across the Northern Patagonian Ice Cap. It proved to be a landmark experience, by some distance the greatest adventure Jamie had and the hardest thing he had done.

Inspired by the events of that trip, Jack and Jamie then teamed up for the Polar Challenge 2011, a 300 mile race across the frozen Arctic to the Magnetic North Pole. Following on from Patagonia, it added to our collective experience of knowing how to keep going during the long hard days.

Jamie has completed numerous triathlons, and was inspired to take on a challenge for WWTW having met some of our South Pole team at the Cumbrian Challenge. To Jamie, the MdS represents one of the benchmark physical challenges. I grew up knowing about the race, and was fascinated and terrified by it in equal measure.

“WWTW is a charity representing an incredibly worthwhile cause, as well as a group of individuals with incredible spirit. Through my connections with the Army, and the services in general, I’ve always been impressed by the drive that is instilled in the men and women who join up. WWTW has helped to harness that drive and encourage a number of people to achieve some incredible goals.  For me, as I both train for the MdS and undertake the event itself, those guys and girls will be an inspiration. Whatever suffering will be involved – and I’m assured there will be plenty – will be put in perspective by the knowledge of wounded servicemen and women with greater struggles in their everyday lives who keep going when they could choose not to.”

You can follow news of Jamie and his training here !

You can sponsor Jamie here.

Rose Kingscote, 29

Rose sells space travel. Working for Virgin Galactic keeps her busy and constantly exposed to some of the worlds most fascinating people, all with the love of adventure in common. Based in London, she is an avid cyclist. She can often be found in the early hours of the morning taking a dip in the Serpentine or trying anything adventurous that requires her to be outside. Running is a fairly new addition to her sporting repertoire, but she has taken to it with drive, completing numerous events last year. This race is a monumental challenge but it’s really worth doing for such a good cause where so many people dig deeper than they ever have before. Rose is very excited about the adventures which lie before her.

Rose’s main inspiration for taking on MDS is the incredible work of WWTW and the message that they send out to everyone on a daily basis. She hopes that her efforts in the coming months and in the desert will show herself and others that you can do anything you put your mind to and to raise a lot of money for a very worthy cause.

Support the team by making a donation!

You can also follow Rose and her MDS training news here.

Chris Smith, 52

Chris left the RMAS in 1981 and served with The Duke of Wellingtons Regiment in far flung places such as Borneo, Gibraltar, Belize and Yorkshire. A passionate rugby player, Chris represented the Old Alleynians, The London Welsh and latterly was player coach at The Tonbridge Juddians. He finally gave up rugby at the age of 47 when he felt that too many bits had fallen off.

Chris has entered the MdS as part of a truly epic mid-life crisis but feels that the numbers are stacked against him; he is 52 years old, 17 stone in weight and the sports injuries are increasing as his training ramps up.

On being told that his Father was entering the Mds his oldest son remarked that it was rather like “a cart horse entering the Grand National” !

Chris is very passionate about WWTW and what we do. Chris and his wife Susie have been proactive supporters of the Charity since its start up and have enjoyed seeing many soldiers emerge from its courses with a qualification that will help them in the next stage of their lives.

Whilst Chris very much intends to make the finish line, he hopes that the plain fact of his abject stupidity in attempting something this hard, with the deck stacked so strongly against him, will inspire people to sponsor him and so raise as much money as he can for his chosen cause.

Please sponsor Chris here.


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