Mark Dingley

I’m 48 years old, I work in the oil industry which has taken me to many interesting places, not least Ethiopia where I have just spent a couple of years and now Nairobi, Kenya is where I call home.

I recall reading about the Marathon des Sables some 20 odd years ago. Now, as I am about to enter my 50’s and I have the chance, I figure I had better give it a shot. Along my journey to date, I have benefitted from the mentorship, guidance and help from some special people who gave their time to support me. I feel that it’s only right to want to give back and to do so for some very brave folk who might benefit from a little of my time was a ‘no-brainer’ as my North American colleagues often say. Walking With The Wounded has given me the chance to say thanks to people who put their lives on the line. You can sponsor Mark here.

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