Nichola McAlpine

After completing Ironman Wales in September 2013 I went into a post event blues as I had nothing to train for or focus on, it was time for another and even bigger challenge!

Once I had my MdS place which I am self-funding, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to raise some money for a charity, seeing as this is the biggest challenge I will probably take part in. Working in the defence industry and seeing first hand the effect conflict has on people I decided to approach WWTW and thankfully I was accepted as part of the team. Knowing that I am raising money for the charity has really helped with my training, on days when I struggle with motivation (I have had a few) and all I need to do is think of the causes the money will go towards and that is enough to get me out the door. The biggest concern I have is with the running it’s self, it was my least favourite discipline in triathlon, I also dislike exercising in the heat and I also love my sleep (I could sleep for England). You might wonder why I have signed up on this basis – well, lets just say I like a challenge, if it was easy everyone would do it! I am looking forward to finding out how far I can push myself and how I will survive being self sufficient for the duration of the ‘race’. I am also looking forward to enjoying the desert and the sights, the peace and quiet, away from technology. By the end of it I am sure I will be looking forward to a good meal and a shower. My blog is at the following link: You can sponsor Nichola here.

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