Patrick Westropp

I have been wanting to do the MdS for a number of years and even had a place for the 2014 event, but was unable to take it up due to injury. Having done a number of marathons and long distance triathlons, I felt it was time for me to tackle an ultra event.

As they don’t come much bigger than ‘The Toughest Footrace on Earth’, the iconic MdS was the challenge that I had been seeking. When I heard that there may be a place for the 2015 MdS via Walking With The Wounded, I jumped at the chance. Previously, I had entered as an individual, however the opportunity to be part of a team was very appealing, especially one that was for such a good cause. Being from a military family, with much of my childhood spent wherever my Father happened to be stationed, it seemed appropriate that I should be involved with a military charity. If I am ever in need of any additional motivation in the depths of winter when the training gets tough, I will certainly find it from those who are being helped by WWTW. I am looking forward to and dreading the event in equal measure. Others I have spoken to have said that the event is one of the highlights of their lives, before going on in graphic detail about the heat, looking after your feet, lack of food, right equipment etc, so I am now not sure which is better – proper preparation or blissful ignorance! You can sponsor Patrick here.

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