Robert Bartlet

I am the CEO of Chestertons, one of largest property agencies in the UK and used to row professionally, representing GB at senior World Championship and Olympic level (Barcelona 1992). I read an article about the MdS about 2 years ago and immediately thought – I’d love to try to do that. That’s a proper challenge!

I have never done much running and certainly before I started training for the event had never run more than about 5 miles. I will turn 50 on the 3rd April – the day we depart for the Sahara – what better motivation to be in shape and to undertake the MDS in aid of WWTW. I knew very little about WWTW until I saw the programme of the South Pole Allied Challenge in Antarctica in 2013. We have all, quite correctly, been made aware of the plight of those who have endured severe disabilities as a result of fighting in the various wars around the world, but it was only after watching this film that I realised that there was a group of people doing something to genuinely assist those Service men and women affected. WWTW is a superb and uplifting charity and I felt was a very worthwhile charity to support and thus help repay in some small way the debt that we, as British citizens, owe to those who have given so much for us. When asked if I might be interested in doing the MdS with Walking With The Wounded I jumped at the chance. I seem to jump between a sense of euphoria in looking forward to the MdS and then a reality check of some dred! Personally, my concerns focus more around merely getting to the start line in tact. My years of hard rowing training have left me with pretty dodgy knees and already in training I have torn tendons in my shoulder. Through my work, where I visit the Middle East frequently, I have grown to love the Arabian deserts, although I have never been to the Sahara Desert proper. I very much look forward to being out there, although I suspect I’ll not enjoy running in the heat! I am most looking forward to actually doing the event itself – being there with all my teammates and other competitors and to sharing the experience with them. Blog- You can sponsor Robert here.

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