Simon Grove

In January 2011 I met two of the first WWTW expedition team members who went to the North Pole – Martin Hewitt & Jaco van Gass.

As a team we were entered in to the Inferno 3 Day Ski Race, the first part of this race being X-Country skiing. Neither Martin nor Jaco had never skied on cross country skis before and training them both really gave me a great feeling. I could see their progression and it gave me a huge sense of satisfaction. In 2012 I followed the WWTW Everest expedition team up to Everest base camp to support and raise funds for the charity, and during this trip I made some great new and life long friends. Regardless of all the many hours of hard training and sore feet in the build up to this adventure I am looking forwards to running/walking across some amazing landscape with some exceptional people. You can sponsor Simon here.

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