Trevor Collet

The MDS is an event I’ve wanted to do for a few years, I just never thought I’d get the opportunity! For me the main motivation is the size of the challenge, the harder it is the more driven I am, I know my limits but will always push them a stage further by finding tougher challenges, I’ve completed several ultra distance events, the MDS will be the biggest so far and I can’t wait.

I served 7 years in the armed forces with the Household Cavalry, I still have very close connections with the regiment and the guys I served with, so the opportunity to take on the MDS for a military orientated charity really was one I could not let pass me by. The very people WWTW support is all the inspiration anyone could need to train hard and push your limits to the max. It’s awesome to be part of a team raising money and awareness for WWTW and doing something as big as the MDS. My main concern is the heat, I struggle getting food on board during long stage events in the UK which is made worse during summer events when it is warmer, so I am experimenting with different foods/ideas to be able to come up with a solution in the desert !! Oh and blisters…………I fully expect my feet to be ruined by the end. I am most looking forward to meeting up with the team and taking on the challenge, it will be an epic experience. You can sponsor Trevor here.

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