Alec Robotham: one month countdown…

The last few months building up to the Walk of Britain have been very exciting, we have been training up in Norfolk and attended the WWTW Cumbrian Challenge in the Lake District, both which were a good incite into what the walk will be like with the hilly, rocky mountainous terrain of Cumbria to the flat, level terrain in Norfolk.

We have also met lots of new faces through the networking and sponsor events in London, including other team members of Walking With The Wounded.
I have head the pleasure to meet two U.S. Marines Andrew and Kirstie who are now part of the team and are doing the whole walk with us which I think will make the walk more interesting!

Training has involved lots of day to day walking and weight training as I’m sure we will all be losing a lot of weight over the ten weeks on the road. Never in all my years of keeping fit including Royal Marines training have I had to cover 17-20 miles everyday for 10 weeks, which I think is where part of my motivation comes from because it is pushing the boundaries of what I know I can do and that is a challenge, which I have never been one to shy away from.

Throughout the walk I am really looking forward to meeting new people including all the sponsers and networking which is very important for us all!
I am most looking forward to the first week in Scotland – hitting all the big mountains including Ben Nevis, I think it is a very beautiful and scenic part of Britain.
Along the walk I’m sure at some point we will all be plugged in to iPods with our own preferred playlists, I will defiantly be listening to some heavy rock to get myself in the zone for the tough days!

Throughout the walk I’m sure I am going to miss my Girlfriend Sam but also I think I will miss driving! But I’m sure the 72 days will fly by because we will be flat out not just throughout the day walking but in the evenings with the various sponsor events which are being organised and the daily start / finish events in all locations along the way.

Overall I am really looking forward to the expedition, but I am nervous, excited and ultimately pleased that I am part of such a great charity with so many fantastic sponsers supporting us.
I would recommend to other wounded out there to try and get yourself involved with WWTW or something similar, it has already given me a sense of well being again and it is fantastic to have a focus and to be part of a team.




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