Andrew Bement: some quick questions

We’ve asked all of our team members a few questions so we can get some personal insight into their motivations and challenges as they get ready for the Walk of Britain. Here are Andrew’s answers:

What is your motivation behind doing the Walk?
Primarily, growth and personal healing. I’ve received a fair amount of treatment for my injuries, but there is still work to be done. The numerous opportunities provided by the Walk will allow me to grow as a person and continue to heal.

What are you looking forward to most during the Walk?
Spending time with, and getting to know the other participants. One of the things I miss most from being in the military is the esprit de corps that forms between members of a group.

Which bit of the UK are you most looking forward to walking through?
The undeveloped and wilderness bits, mainly in the north. To be able to walk some of the most austere and wild parts of the UK is the opportunity I’m looking forward to the most.

If there was one person you could choose to walk with you, who would it be?
My brother-in-arms, Gabriel Rodriguez. We were close friends and in the same platoon during many of the combat incidences that my injuries stem from.

What will you have on your iPod to listen to during the long days?
A smattering of music to keep things upbeat, and my favorite podcasts.

In the evening, what would be your ideal supper during the Walk?
Fish and chips all the way – with some delicious vegetables and mushy peas on the side. We don’t get proper fish and chips in the states so I’ll be gobbling this up whenever I can.

What will you miss from home during the journey?
My wife, Dana, and my service dog Mozzie. They’re a *huge* part of my life, my continued treatment, and my healing process.

What’s Your Message to Other Wounded Who Watch You on This Endeavour?
Wherever you are along your journey of healing, no matter how hard it is to see it, focus on the progress you’ve made, big and small. And while we may have setbacks, the goal is to keep pushing, keep striving, and most importantly, keep moving forward.

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