Kirstie Ennis: some quick questions

We’ve asked all of our team members a few questions so we can get some personal insight into their motivations and challenges as they get ready for the Walk of Britain. Here are Kirstie’s answers:

What is your motivation behind doing the Walk?
My motivation behind doing the walk are my Brothers and Sisters who never made it home, my fellow wounded warriors, and all of our active duty and veteran servicemen and women.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. I want to succeed on this walk for personal reasons like overcoming adversity. But ultimately there’s so much more. Raising awareness for our precious heroes is what it’s all about for me.

What are you looking forward to most during the Walk?
I’m really looking forward to the stories that will be shared. I want to more about the people on the team and how their experiences in the military may have differed than mine.

Which bit of the UK are you most looking forward to walking through?
Im most looking forward to walking through Scotland.

If there was one person you could choose to walk with you, who would it be?
If I could choose one person to do the entire walk with, I would have to say my friend Art. We weren’t terribly close towards the end of his life, but we became friends at the hospital after we were wounded in Afghanistan. He was missing both of his legs above the knee, and he just recently lost his battle with PTSD.

What will you have on your iPod to listen to during the long days?
I will have a lot of audio books on my iPod that’s for sure. Books like the Four Agreements, one of my favorites.

In the evening, what would be your ideal supper during the Walk?
Anything with vegetables is ideal! I’m not picky by any means. Meat and vegetables haha.

What will you miss from home during the journey?
I’ll miss my dog and loved ones the most. My dog because he is hands down my best friend, and played a huge role in my recovery. I needed him for a very long time.

What’s Your Message to Other Wounded Who Watch You on This Endeavour?
The message I would say is, you control your circumstances. Your circumstances don’t control you. Never, even for a second, think you’re alone. Were still one huge family.

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