An update from the States

I have been travelling quite a bit the past few weeks. It seems like I have been just about everywhere so far – from driving from Florida to Colorado, and then on to California, from flying to Amsterdam and on to London, followed by Brussels, taking a bus to Paris, flying to Rome, and shortly on to Alaska….Absolutely all over.

However, one thing remains the same… I love being able to tell people that shortly after returning home from these travels, that I will be embarking on one of the biggest endeavors of my life. I think about our forthcoming adventure quite often, I can’t help but cry from time to time, even when I am explaining what the trip is all about.

It certainly isn’t fear, or the pain, or even the mental/emotional aspects that the walk could bear, it’s about the bigger picture. Why we are doing this, what we as the team represent in doing this, the respects that will be paid, this is what makes me get wound up when thinking about the trip.

This new family that I will have for the upcoming ten weeks, it will be similar to the Marine Corps family that I had in the past as well as the Wounded Warrior family that I have now.

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