Some quick questions

We’ve asked all of our team members a few questions so we can get some personal insight into their motivations and challenges as they get ready for the Walk of Britain. Here are Matt’s answers:

What is your motivation behind doing the Walk?
For me this is a chance to feel a massive sense of achievement and find a new direction in life.  I was particularly keen on this expedition as there is so much of Britain I haven’t seen and I hope that this eye-opening experience will help me to start a new chapter in my life afterwards.

What are you looking forward to most during the Walk?
I find the big hills quite difficult with my leg so once we have crossed-off all of the 3 Peaks I will be happy.  At least we are getting Ben Nevis out of the way on day 3!

Which bit of the UK are you most looking forward to walking through?
It’s difficult to say because I’m sure some towns will give us the best reception where we least expect it which will be a nice surprise but I am particularly looking forward to coming to my home town, Chertsey which is right near the end of the expedition.

If there was one person you could choose to walk with you, who would it be?
Lee Evans (the morale will be needed).

What will you have on your iPod to listen to during the long days?
Something heavy when we’re going uphill, something relaxing downhill and maybe some soulful blues at the bottom.

In the evening, what would be your ideal supper during the Walk?
Expensive seafood (as long as I am not paying).

What will you miss from home during the journey?
My wife and 2 daughters.

What’s your message to other wounded who watch you on this endeavour?
Anything is achievable; different injuries give different people different goals, but whatever your goal is – stick at it.




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