Things We Leave Behind

So today is the day that I made it home to settle in and sit down to open two small packages that have come to mean the most to me. After being selected for the walk, not only was I honored, but I knew it would come to mean so much to me and have the power to pay respects to my Fallen brothers. I think it is safe to speak on behalf of my entire team, that we want to raise awareness for our Brothers and Sisters, fallen and wounded, as well as all active duty and veteran military.

These two small packages contain dog tags for 25 of my fallen Brothers, some killed in action and some who lost their battle to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

For the entire walk, I will wear each of the 25 dog tags for forty miles apiece; to honor their memory, but even more to share their story. At the end of each forty miles, I will hang the tag, and leave a brief waterproof message with a little about the person for a stranger to find, for a stranger to appreciate, and for a stranger to love.

My Brothers and Sisters, both American and our Allies, who gave the ultimate sacrifice, who are our heroes, will never be forgotten.

Rest easy Brothers, we will take it from here.


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