Stewart Hill: Day 2

Start  – Drumnadrochit RNLI
Finish – Invermoriston

We decided to cut the end off the walk by 7 miles, it was a very lumpy day with lots of hills, which we expected, but we are very aware that whilst we are all raring to go and have lots of energy, it is only day 2 and we have a bog day tomorrow with Ben Nevis. It will certainly test the team and the various injuries, so we decided to have more rest time in advance of this and to tag an extra mile onto a few other days later on ! we know we cant do this every day due to finish events but when we can, we need to be grown up and realise that sometimes we will need to, factoring the miles in on later and slightly shorter days.

Distance walked – 14.5 miles
Distance to finish – 968.5

Weather – a glorious start to the day with a misty morning on Loch Ness. It was then amazing sunshine and soon warmed up, and was too hot at times which is especially tiring, especially for me as I am losing my hair at far too fast a pace for my liking ! The weather is due to turn tomorrow which will add more testing conditions to Ben Nevis day

Terrain today – this was a very different day to yesterday. The majority of the day was off road. This in itself caused problems for Kirstie and Matt who find it harder to deal with unstable and uneven ground. Although road walking is harder on the feet and legs for everything, this is actually easier for them. Today was really undulating ground with lots of fairly steep ascents, and that paired with the heat was more tiring. We are also only on day two and of course getting used to the routine. Unfortunately there weren’t many walkers out on the route who we could engage with, although we did meet a few who were already aware of the walk having seen the news yesterday. In particular the Robinson family who were on a cycling holiday, stopped for a photograph and a congratulatory and appreciative chat, which makes this all so worthwhile. One red car stopped with a lowered window and an old lady in the passenger seat shouted ‘ we will pay you when you catch us up’, as she sped away into the distance. Cheeky we thought ! Half an hour later as we descended into a hamlet we saw the two ladies from the car and a team of well wishers all taking photos as we approached. Luckily I had my bucket as they each proceeded to give us some money, and the old lady was true to her word, having busily gathered the others to tell them of our arrival.

The real highlight today was a twerking donkey having a good old scratch on the fence as we passed! He was not to be put off by the six of us laughing and taking photos!

Please come to meet the team at the Falkirk Wheel on 27th August as we finish our walking day there at approx. 1530 – 1600.

For anyone who sees us, please do say hello as we hugely appreciate the support and this reinforces to us the importance of this walk and reiterates why we are doing it.

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