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August 26: Day 5

(67 day to go)
Start: 0930 (Bridge of Cally)
Finish: 1730 (Scone Palace)
Temperature (Low):
Temperature (High):
Miles today: 21
Miles so far: 86
Miles to go: 914

From The Team:

Today the weather wasn’t overly kind to us, but it had to rain eventually! We started in Bridge of Cally and from there we walked 6 miles to Blairgowrie where we were met by the Provost of Perth and Kinloss, as well as a few locals. It was great to chat with people and learn more about their stories as well as sharing our own. From Blairgowrie we then continued on to Scone Palace where we finished for the day.

At this stage, personally I am doing ok, I have a slight Achilles tendon problem, but it should clear up with a bit more walking over the next few days. We’re all experiencing normal aches and pains in the legs as this first week is like an acclimatisation week, but we should be fine for next week. I’m still extremely excited to be a part of this walk, and all I have left to say is:  Bring on tomorrow!

Alec Robotham

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