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August 27: Day 6

(66 day to go)
Start: 0930 (Bellrock Close, Glasgow)
Finish: 1730 (The Falkirk Wheel)
Temperature (Low):
Temperature (High):
Miles today: 22
Miles so far: 108
Miles to go: 892

From The Team:

We started off at the Scottish Veteran’s association house, they were very welcoming but the weather outside was awful to say the least.

We were lead off by the sound of a piper and it was a walk that gradually got better and better as we got away from the town and the roads. When we hit the canal, not only was it flat but it was quite scenic. We bumped into a couple of fisherman and I kind of wish I’d also been sat there fishing, but we enjoyed the walk and kept the pace up.

Joining us today, amongst other people, we had Stu Pearson of Kajaki fame, who is an above knee amputee and there’s not many above knee amputees that would walk 20 + miles given the choice, and he did very well, he pretty much kept up with us the whole time without stopping. It was really good to see him, we’d met him before and we knew he’d be joining us at some point during the walk and we also hope he’s going to join us again further down the line.

We finished today at the Falkirk Wheel, which is a pretty amazing bit of engineering. It was lovely to be there and see how it all works as well as meet some of the people that came out to talk with us.

Matt Fisher

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