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September 4: Day 14

(58 day to go)
Start: 0930 (Heddon on the Wall)
Finish: 1615 (Hexham)
Temperature (Low):
Temperature (High):
Miles today: 16
Miles so far: 225
Miles to go: 775

From The Team:

Today we started at Heddon on the Wall, and were greeted by the most amazing group of people. Sharon of the Dingle Dell is absolutely beautiful inside and out with her generosity and hospitality to the team. The townspeople sent us off with the warmest of hugs and well wishes, while the school children sang to us as we got on our way—even had me crying (even the guys were surprised, me shedding a tear is an extremely rare sight). Nearing the end of the walk, we even had an impromptu stop to speak to another local school. These moments mean the world to me. Today may have seemed like a longer day for us, but what we gained from the love and support we received made everything absolutely worth it.

Kirsite Ennis

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