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September 6: Day 16

(56 day to go)
Start: 1000 (Stanhope)
Finish: 1700 (Barnard Castle)
Temperature (Low):
Temperature (High):
Miles today: 20
Miles so far: 245
Miles to go: 755

From The Team:

Today was a day of pleasant surprises in terms of visitors. As we pushed up the high ground, leaving Stanhope we were met by a runner in a luminous t-shirt who greeted us, “Hi my name’s Ian, do you mind if I join you today? I live nearby and I used to be in the Army.” We agreed and that was fine and he left us after about six miles to run back to his home. Good man with just a different conversation.

Shortly after that we were joined by a Town Councillor of Barnard Castle, Gary (with one r) who was involved in the planning and the reception event for when we arrived at the finish point, but thought he could do better than that and so he joined after about three miles of walking, so he walked with us for about fifteen miles. Again, good company and different conversation, a guy that’s incredibly enthusiastic about ‘Barny Castle’ as he calls it.

Then we were joined by yet another person, a guy on a motorbike and his name was David, an Ex One Para. He’d been watching us on the website and asked if he could join us, and so he drove his motorbike about seven miles forward and then got a lift back and walked with us for the final seven miles.

But the best surprise visitor of all was when Steve, a driver from last week, turned up and in the car with him was a 94 year old WW2 veteran, John Hall, who won the Distinguished Flying Cross during the Second World War. 94 years of age and he struggled to get out of the car, we wanted to take a photo with him while he was sat in there, all grouped around but he was a determined old buggar and was insistent that he would get out of the car and he did with some support and we had a great photograph.

So a day of visitors, a day of different conversation, a day of respect and joy for John Hall…a hero in his own right!

Stewart Hill

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