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September 10: Day 20

(52 day to go)
Start: 0900 (Brandsby Hall)
Finish: 1530 (York Minster)
Temperature (Low):
Temperature (High):
Miles today: 15
Miles so far: 315
Miles to go: 685

From The Team:

We walked this morning from Brandsby Hall after spending our second night there, which is the home of the Mackies of YESSS Electrical, and we’ve had the most amazing hospitality there that we could ever have hoped for.

We’ve had a couple of not too long days to be fair, yesterday was quite hilly but today was very flat in comparison. It was the first time on the expedition where we could see the finish point from the start point, so from Brandsby Hall we could see York Minster as the house was designed specifically that way.

We had a lovely time at York Minster, we had a tour of the Minster itself and then there was a great tea and cake reception (something we seem to have quite a lot of, so we’re probably not losing any weight at all!) Then we arrived back at our hotel where we picked up a copy of the Yorkshire Post and we found an article about us walking through Bedale which was nice to see.

Tomorrow I’ve got to do a few leg tweaks just to keep my leg ticking over, things are sort of changing shape and not fitting quite as they should…but anyway I’ll be back on the road.

It’s a longer week this week as we’re doing 7 straight days instead of 6 straight days, but we’re looking forward to getting to Leeds. We’ve had a cracking week so far with YESSS Electrical and it should be a very nice day tomorrow as we finish at their branch in Normanton!

Matt Fisher

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