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September 30: Day 40

(32 day to go)
Start: 0930 (St Lawrence's C of E Primary School, Church Stretton )
Finish: 1700 (Ludlow)
Temperature (Low):
Temperature (High):
Miles today: 17
Miles so far: 580.5
Miles to go: 420

From The Team:

Today is day 40 of 72 and we’re about 550 miles in, it’s been an amazing day and we’ve had the greatest guests with us including Dan Marino (who is essentially the best NFL quarterback of all time) and we’ve had Prince Harry who is amazing. He’s a great supporter of what we’re doing and just a really phenomenal person to be around – so down to earth and really caring about what the military is doing.

Me being here as a guest witnessing the support of all the communities, the support of Prince Harry and of our sponsors like YESSS Electrical and the NFL, it really means a lot to me to see everything unfold, it’s absolutely beautiful.

Kirsite Ennis

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