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October 10: Day 50

(22 day to go)
Start: 1015 (Portsmouth)
Finish: 1600 (East Meon)
Temperature (Low):
Temperature (High):
Miles today: 18
Miles so far: 719.5
Miles to go: 281

From The Team:

Today was a great day for me personally as we got to visit my home and walk through the area that I grew up in – Portsmouth. It was really nice to see all my family and they put on a nice little event for everyone with food and sports therapy massages for the team!

We initially began the day at the historic dockyard, in front of the HMS Victory and were joined by another veteran named David Henson, which was great.

The walk today proved quite difficult for the team and there were a number of obstacles that slowed us down, so our mileage was a little shorter than we had expected, but we’re planning on making it up on Monday!


Alec Robotham

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