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October 16: Day 56

(16 day to go)
Start: 0930 (Leicestershire)
Finish: 1700 (Kegworth)
Temperature (Low):
Temperature (High):
Miles today: 17
Miles so far: 802.5
Miles to go: 198

From The Team:

Today was a “short” day by our definition. We had great receptions and welcomes today – and let it be known that I won the baking championships while we were at Morrisons, any victory over the boys is good in my book!

However, for me, the walk today was one of the more challenging ones. I have yet to have a hard time keeping my mind busy until today. Seemed as though I was convincing myself to put one foot in front of the other. Road  walking…well walking in general, is nothing but pain at this point, but as per usual, we are gritting our teeth, and managing a smile.

Thankful for the guys on the team who have become like family, and thankful for all of the people supporting us; they make it easy to tackle another day.

Kirsite Ennis

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