The Journey So Far - £8,392.50 raised

This chart shows how Buy A Mile is doing compared to the team's progress. The scale is shown to the nearest 100 miles.

1000 miles
The Team: 1002 miles
Buy A Mile: 391 miles (most recent donation by Anonymous)

Buy A Mile

Want to get involved in the Walk Of Britain? By donating to Buy A Mile you can race the team all the way to their 1,000 mile target. Every donation counts as a mile along the route – your mile will be visible on the map and in the list below: the challenge is to see if we can reach 1,000 donations before the team reach Buckingham Palace…

To buy a mile, visit our Virgin Money Giving page – once you have made a donation on that page it will be updated here and on the map with in a few minutes. All donations will enter you in a prize draw to win one of the following prizes (the prize depends on your donation level):

List of all donations

38903.11.2015Anonymous20.00Keep going
38803.11.2015Anonymous100.00Well done, keep going and keep spirits up, way up!
38702.11.2015caroline20.00well done. Very humbling.
38602.11.2015Beth10.00Humbling - well done!!
38502.11.2015Kim Lepper10.00I think you're all awesome...I have the deepest respect for you all - most especially Kirstie Ennis. Bless you all in all that you do -
38402.11.2015Gina North. Ex WRAF20.00Well done guys, be very proud.
38301.11.2015Jane20.00Marvellous achievement. Well done!
38201.11.2015Laura10.00Good luck!
38101.11.2015Anonymous20.00Congratulations to you all, you are an inspiration!
38001.11.2015Euan Weir50.00
37901.11.2015Nicola50.00fantastic achievement, my deepest respect to you all!
37801.11.2015Beth Pinder10.00
37701.11.2015Emma10.00Fantastic achievement. Well done to you all and keep going :)
37601.11.2015Tricia10.00What an amazing thing to do! Well done all!
37501.11.2015David Morgan50.00congratulations well done so proud of you all
37301.11.2015Reshen Lewis10.00Very proud of our brave servicemen and women.
37201.11.2015Maik Barrett10.00
37101.11.2015Claire HewittSaw you towards the end of your journey in Putney, London. Congratulations!
37001.11.2015Darren SpillaneGood luck team great challenge
36901.11.2015Mark & Judith Huffee20.00Truly inspirational- well done
36831.10.2015James Lacey, Guildford50.00Awesome work. Matt we worked at Frimley CTC together back in the day. An example to so many...
36731.10.2015Rob SteelAn inspiring endeavour. Well done to the whole team
36631.10.2015Lucy Hudson10.00Amazing well done and thank you
36531.10.2015Mike & Jo Mountney10.00Well done, enjoy the last day
36430.10.2015Anne20.00Well done.
36329.10.2015Tem10.00Inspirational x
36229.10.2015Samantha Roberts100.00Nearly there! Well done, see you for the walk down the Mall
36129.10.2015The Dalys10.00Fantastic effort!
36029.10.2015George Potts100.00Incredible determination and resolve. Looking forward to cheering you on at Trafalgar Square.
35929.10.2015Jackie Patterson20.00It was a pleasure to meet you this morning and let you know what inspirational people you are and what great role models you will be for our younger generations. Good luck and best wishes from the Patterson Family.
35829.10.2015Bucknalls20.00See you on the 30th x
35729.10.2015Sam20.00So amazing! You have well and truly broken the back of this challenge, really not long now until you can put your feet up on the sofa and have a well deserved chill x
35527.10.2015Shorncliffe Military Wives Choir10.00Keep going lads, our ladies will be with you to cheer on this morning on day 67 x
35428.10.2015Anonymous10.00Nearly there folks - you are doing so well you are BRILLIANT
35328.10.2015Ennis Family100.00Walking with you all was so inspiring. Only 4 more days!
35227.10.2015Catherine, Horsmonden20.00Great to see you all today
35127.10.2015Shorncliffe Military Wives Choir10.00Keep going lads, our ladies will be with you to cheer on this morning on day 67 x
35027.10.2015Shorncliffe Military Wives Choir10.00Keep going lads, our ladies will be with you to cheer you on this morning on day 67 x
34927.10.2015Heath Stores Horsmonden50.00Well done, a fantastic achievement looking forward to welcoming you all this afternoon in Horsmonden
34826.10.2015Francis Vigurs10.00Met Kirstie Ennis on the train to Wembley NFL , lovely lady , so friendly and positive after such a rough experience in life , a good example to us all .
34724.10.2015Iain Finch50.00Selfless, commitment and determination to triumph over the physical and mental challenges faced by the team every day on the walk of britain, to the benefit of the WIS veterans they're supporting, deserves the admiration and support of the many.
34624.10.2015Jill10.00Amazing..well done all of you xx
34523.10.2015sue and rob20.00Sa Saw you today very proud
34423.10.2015Mel Daley20.00well done guys
34323.10.2015Saskia DemlingFantastic effort, you're such an inspiration! Be safe everyone!
34222.10.2015Michelle20.00You are totally inspirational, amazing people.
34122.10.2015Alison10.00Watched the ceremony at St Paul's today and wanted to show some support. Great effort!
33922.10.2015Kevin Hodgson50.00Somehow missed you today on the Rickinghall bypass (A143 in Suffolk). So just wanted to say thank you for what you have done and what you are doing; and well done and safe trip to you all.
33821.10.2015Phil smith20.00
33721.10.2015Tom Moran, Secretary50.00Donated on behalf of the Chepstow Branch of the Royal British Legion - from personal donations by our members.
33621.10.2015SSI David Byrne50.00All the best from Chertsey Army Cadets
33520.10.2015C bizzle10.00Wishing you all the very best of luck, it's wonderful what you're doing, I am happy and very proud to be supporting you.
33420.10.2015Jenny Shaw10.00
33320.10.2015Lucy Hillman20.00
33220.10.2015Barbara Hendon10.00Full of admiration for you. Well done.
33120.10.2015Ann Brown20.00Best of Luck
33020.10.2015Helen Owen10.00Just met you all on a back lane in Norfolk, You are all so inspiring & amazing, no money in car so doing it now! Well done all x
32718.10.2015Emily Calvert10.00
32618.10.2015Jules20.00You are awesome!!!
32317.10.2015Angela Williams10.00Only two weeks to go, well done to all of you!
32217.10.2015Sue smith20.00With love and oride
32117.10.2015Carol Stares10.00Keep going guys, you are amazing!
31916.10.2015Adele20.00Fantastic amazing people- very proud of you all x
31816.10.2015Angela10.00Keep've done us all proud :)
31716.10.2015Anonymous20.00Well done to all of you
31616.10.2015Cathie and Christina Ball20.00Excellent effort, we have walk 900miles this year in training and the Thames Path Challenge London to Henley and we have felt the pain... there is no such thing as just walking! Keep walking in style :)
31515.10.2015Ben Smith20.00Fantastic stuff, keep going!
31414.10.2015John and Ruth McLean20.00Will be joining you on Saturday for the Draycott part of your walk.
31314.10.2015Yvonne J10.00
31114.10.2015Dawn Howe10.00
31014.10.2015Cam WhyteWell done to Stewart and everyone else involved on the walk, looking forward to seeing you on the 1st November
30913.10.2015Nick Booth100.00All at The Royal F'dation had a great time joining you in Shrops, thank you. Our taxi back asked that the fare be donated so I am pleased to send £53 in their name. I have topped it up a little to wish you well. Best wishes and good luck - Nick
30813.10.2015Sophie20.00Have just passed you on your way towards Princethorpe. Very inspiring- well done
30713.10.2015Anonymous20.00Great to see you walking by - sorry the dogs barked at you all!
30613.10.2015Steve & Sue Mesher10.00Well done Fantastic achievement
30512.10.2015David WaideGreat Challenge. Good luck and enjoy
30412.10.2015North London Military Wives Choir20.00Another week; another few miles; another pound or two raised for such a worth cause
30311.10.2015Corey Berliner10.00Your courage and strength is amazing. I will be lining Station Road in Hook tomorrow with my school. All the best for the rest of your journey.
30211.10.2015North London Military Wives Choir50.00You have all achieved so much already - hang in there and keep going - the NLMWC are thinking of you and sending much love and inspiring tunes x
30111.10.2015North London Military Wives Choir10.00You must be near the M25 soon .... keep going!
30011.10.2015North London Military Wives Choir20.00May the wind be behind you and the sun in front
29911.10.2015North London Military Wives Choir20.00Keep smiling guys and gals!
29811.10.2015Peter Fryer50.00Brilliant work, keep it up.
29610.10.2015BridgetYou are all amazing,it was a privilege for me to see you in East Meon. Go Heroes/ Heroine!
29510.10.2015Caroline West20.00Saw the team walking Stoke Road, Gosport. Inspiring and amazing, keep it going, well done
29410.10.2015Dave G RNVMCC10.00Proud to support
29310.10.2015Emi and Reiko10.00We wish we could go there to see your greatest journey!!
29209.10.2015Suzie Ford50.00Great to see you in Winchester, all the best for the rest of the walk.
29109.10.2015333 (Ludlow) Squadron Air Cadets20.00And here's a bit more!
29009.10.2015333 (Ludlow) Squadron Air Cadets20.00Good luck on the rest of your walk. It was fantastic to see you all and Prince Harry in Ludlow last week.
28909.10.2015360 AUTOMATIONS LTD SURREY50.00You really are an inspiration to all! Good luck and stay strong. xxx
28808.10.2015Rachel Moore20.00Keep going. Heroes one and all.
28708.10.2015Ian Hewitt20.00Inspirational bravery. Good luck and keep going.
28608.10.2015Lizzie, Mikey and Carys Wall10.00good luck XX
28407.10.2015Sarah Sissons10.00Good luck. What an amazing cause x
28307.10.2015RianaGo Sarah Harding and Walking with the Wounded team!
28207.10.2015Plain Ales Brewery50.00We live and work on Salisbury Plain so you're always in our thoughts. Thank you and well done.
28107.10.2015Shirley White10.00Good Luck. I am very impressed with your achievments.
28007.10.2015Kate D'Arcy20.00
27906.10.2015Laura Gooch10.00Bloody brilliant job, and so inspiring - well done everyone!
27806.10.2015sara quick10.00For all of you great people. Well done and keep going :-D oh and for Sarah Harding - go girl. Chocs on its way ;-)
27706.10.2015Nicky Lindfield20.00Well done to all of you
27606.10.2015Mike Motum20.00Very good to meet the team at Alabare Home for Veterans in Bristol this morning.
27505.10.2015Carole and Michael Maran20.00Best wishes to all
27404.10.2015Michelle ofGwenhyfar
27202.10.2015Sam10.00You're doing so well guys and St. Lawrence's Primary loved having you x :)
27102.10.2015Jay20.00Yomp on boys, yomp on. Per Mare Per Terram
27002.10.2015Kay Andrews10.00Brilliant Team, keep going, say Hi to Farnborough, Hants for me!
26902.10.2015Anonymous10.00Keep strong
26802.10.2015Steve Hart20.00Well done to you all . Well done nephew Paul
26702.10.2015Alex Cann20.00Congratulations to the whole team. Keep going and smiling!
26502.10.2015Stephanie Williams (Ludlow Town Council)10.00Great to meet you all on Wednesday in Ludlow! Your over half way now so keep going the end is in sight! xxx
26401.10.2015Fliss10.00Amazing and truly inspiring group!
26301.10.2015The Mosses x10.00Truly inspirational! X
26201.10.2015Nicola Heard10.00Lovely to meet you at Whitecross High today! Best of luck for the 2nd half of your walk. Love Mrs Heard and the students who created posters for you :)
26101.10.2015Ed TilstonHope the cars are serving you well. Proud to have been involved.
26001.10.2015Aaron10.00Good on you guys for overcoming what people may of told you that you might never do again, and for serving for country - keep fighting, and know that we will always support you for when you supported us.
25901.10.2015Alan HolderFor my mate Matt and all the team, never give up!
25801.10.2015Jane Howden100.00Good Luck to all walking
25701.10.2015Tom Leaney - Red5 Networks Ltd50.00Good luck from all at Red5 Networks!
25601.10.2015Elizabeth AshleyYou all inspired me so much! Thanks for your efforts xx
25501.10.2015Richard Robins10.00Passed you in Snowdonia
25401.10.2015Diane Ratcliffe10.00Amazing and courageous. I salute you all. God bless you and keep you safe.
25330.09.2015Joy Graham10.00This is a cause everybody should be involved with as these men and women laid their lives on the line for us. It would be good to show them they are appreciated for it
25230.09.2015Ms Della M Cannings QPM20.00Good to see Prince Harry walking the route ... Good wishes to all participating and supporting the walkers
25130.09.2015The Elder familyGreat to see you all in Craven Arms today - looking amazingly fresh. Good luck for the rest of the journey.
25030.09.2015Sheila Fresco20.00well done and lots of luck!
24930.09.2015Francesca Riggs10.00This is an incredible task and deserves all the help and support of the country. We should all feel honoured to have such brave men and women in our country. It was an honour to meet you all at Ludlow Castle today.
24730.09.2015Alison Martin10.00Well done to everyone, spoke to prince Harry and the team in Ludlow today, with my children Charles and Bronte x
24630.09.2015Anonymous10.00Well done,great inspiration to us all
24530.09.2015Sara Meggitt10.00Truly inspirational good luck!
24430.09.2015Pat and Phil10.00Good luck to you all
24230.09.2015Andy20.00Keep going! :)
24130.09.2015Kirsty20.00Brilliant ppl so proud of every one of them true heroes .
24030.09.2015Ian MacKinnon20.00Saw you on the road yesterday, inspiring!
23929.09.2015Melinda20.00Great to meet you all today, best of luck for the rest of your journey and hope you raise lots and lots for such wonderful causes :0)
23829.09.2015Ron Whitfield20.00Well done everyone. See you in Hereford on Thursday
23729.09.2015Anonymous20.00A fantastic team with huge ambition & courage. Well done indeed!
23628.09.2015Amy10.00This is an amazing achievement!! Well done to you all, such a great cause. x
23427.09.2015Vicky and Tim20.00Good luck to you all, a fantastic cause. See you on the way, hopefully!!
23326.09.2015Malcolm and Ruth20.00Amazing work, keep it up and fingers crossed you keep raising lots of money.
23225.09.2015Sharon & Jonathan Glen100.00Rock on US/UK vets you can do it! We will be there from Tylney Park Golf Club in Rotherwick Hampshire, a Scot and and an American to cheer you on one step at a time!
23125.09.2015Paul Thomas10.00Good luck & safe travels on the trek! Hope the sunshine continues!
23024.09.2015Mike H20.005.00Well done guys! Nearly half way through! :)
22922.09.2015The de Laszlo Foundation100.00Keep right on to the end of the roads
22822.09.2015Anonymous20.00Top Lads..
22721.09.2015Ali Nicoll10.00
22620.09.2015Paul Gaskell10.00God bless the team and everyone you help xxx
22519.09.2015Lou at GreaterSport x50.00I met you guys today, 19th Sept, amazing. Brilliant team 1.18 Fastest Boat. Good luck with your continued journey
22418.09.2015Lynne & Brian50.00
22317.09.2015Jess x10.00This is a phenomenal achievement well done to you all a great cause. X
22217.09.2015Steve Ardern20.00
22117.09.2015Dave Mason20.00RHA. Good Luck
22016.09.2015Steve Win (Ex. R.E.)20.00Great job. Best of luck to you all
21916.09.2015Tracey Cochrane20.00Respect to you all!
21816.09.2015Maureen White20.00Saw you today at Loyn bridge, well done everyone! Good luck with the rest of your fantastic feat! (With you fantastic feet!!!)
21716.09.2015Heather LeighfieldGood luck to all the walkers and well done!
21616.09.2015Fiona Wheeler20.00I was privileged to have the opportunity to see you start out. Very well done so far, and good luck to you all for the rest of the walk.
21516.09.2015Isobelle P10.00Thank You. The talk from you all last night was amazing, and also Well Done.
21416.09.2015Rebecca Mayhew20.00Fabulous work - it is so inspiring to watch your journey round Britain. Hope to see you in Norfolk!
21316.09.2015sarah cleaver20.00Well done guys - keep going .... great to see you in Kirkby Lonsdale!!!
21216.09.2015Stephen Hall20.00Thank you for an inspirational talk at Sedbergh School this evening and for sharing your stories. I am sure you have left your mark. Best wishes for the rest of the journey and for the future.
21115.09.2015Wendy Crombleholme10.00Good luck, you are all amazing.
21015.09.2015Claire Mackintosh20.00Here's to WWTW and all that you do.
20814.09.2015Dawn20.00You are all doing a great job. Loving following your journey on your FaceBook page. Keep going!
20714.09.2015Maggy S20.00
20614.09.2015Michael and Moira Roberts10.00
20414.09.2015Jim fulton20.00Nec Aspera Terrent
20314.09.2015Sarah Lewin20.00Good luck to all involved!
20213.09.2015lorna alexander20.00well done all
20113.09.2015Alison Inglis (ex WRAC)10.00Hope the weather stays kind for you!
20013.09.2015Nick S50.00keep going!
19912.09.2015Jason and Cath New Zealand50.00Good luck all. It's a truly wonderful cause.
19811.09.2015Anonymous20.00You are all very special
19711.09.2015Valerie Cooper10.00Good luck to you all - excellent cause.
19611.09.2015Chris & Julie Nussey50.00Great to meet you near Tadcaster Today on yoru way to Normanton - best of luck and many thanks - keep it going
19511.09.2015colin carter20.00keep going good luck team.
19410.09.2015Jim Hewitt50.00Fantastic effort, well done to you all.
19310.09.2015Gerry and Eileen Brown and family.20.00Good Luck, great cause. Inspirational.
19210.09.2015Mark Owen10.002.50
19110.09.2015Rob and Trudy Alexander20.00Best of luck to you all, hope to see you in Monmouth.
19010.09.2015Dean Brettle50.00Best of luck to all involved
18910.09.2015Shaz-Bird20.00Thinking of you all. Keep going. Looking forward to seeing you in Manchester and beyond! Love Shazbird xx
18809.09.2015Steve Myers20.00Great day today, look forward to seeing you all again on Friday at Normanton
18709.09.2015Willa Harris10.00Good Luck and see you tomorrow!!!
18609.09.2015Sean McClean50.00Great effort guys. Wonderful charity. Keep up the good work.
18508.09.2015Mark Nolan100.00Good look to everybody involved , met the Team & support Team at YESSS Ripon today & as per colleagues - Welcome to Yorkshire !
18408.09.2015Tony Richardson and family10.00a truly great cause and all the best along your journey. Look forward to welcoming you all in SUNNY NORMANTON on Friday.
18308.09.2015Mark & Karen Abbey100.00Good luck to all involved.
18208.09.2015andrew marsh10.00
18107.09.2015Jim Kendall10.00
18007.09.2015mark chambersgreat cause good luck to you all
17907.09.2015San Ging Keswick self-catering10.00Good luck guys, see you in Keswick next week
17807.09.2015Rob Moorey20.00All the best and look forward to welcoming you all in YESSS Tunbridge Wells on 26th October.
17707.09.2015Lee mitchell10.00
17607.09.2015Andy at YESSS Electrical100.00GREAT EFFORT SO FAR GUYS and WELCOME to YORKSHIRE. See you on Friday @ YESSS HQ for a beer!
17507.09.2015Mark Ramsay10.00Good luck guys! A very worthwhile cause.
17407.09.2015Linsay Fairlie10.00From all At Yesss Northern Office X
17307.09.2015Harriet Black10.00amazing, well done everyone =) x
17207.09.2015Maria Challis10.00Good luck guys such a worthy cause x
17107.09.2015Vicky O'Halloran10.00Good Luck to you all. What a truly amazing thing to be doing for a fantastic cause. YESSS will be behind you every step of the way. Looking forward to walking with you and supporting you this week.
17006.09.2015Anonymous10.00Sorry to have missed you at beaufront, kids were very excited about your impromptu visit, thank you
16906.09.2015J O'Sullivan20.00A worthy cause indeed. Dum spiro spero.
16806.09.2015David and Samantha brown20.00Well done it was a pleasure to see you passing our farm today keep up the fantastic effort
16505.09.2015Jill10.00Good Luck . You are amazing !
16405.09.2015Shirley, Michael & Jypsie10.00Good lick guys - you are truly inspirational
16304.09.2015Kate Whitling10.00All the best with the rest of the walk- so amazing to see how people are reacting! Hope you hit the target!
16204.09.2015Jayne10.00Good luck everyone x
16104.09.2015Sandra Morris10.00Great job guys!
16004.09.2015Louise and Philip10.00Inspirational. Good luck to you all on your walk and on your personal journeys.
15904.09.2015Dishforth Military Wives Choir10.00This mile is for the inspirational Stewart - Good luck with your artist future x
15804.09.2015Dishforth Military Wives Choir10.00Dishforth Military Wives Choir were honoured to welcome you to Gateshead last night. We are behind you all the way...So get a move on, or we'll start singing again! x
15704.09.2015Dishforth Military Wives Choir10.00This mile is for the cheeky Scott!
15604.09.2015Dishforth Military Wives Choir10.00This mile is for the courageous Alec x
15504.09.2015Dishforth Military Wives Choir10.00This mile is for the 'real soldier' Matt! x
15404.09.2015Dishforth Military Wives Choir10.00This mile is for the brave Andrew x
15304.09.2015Dishforth Military Wives Choir10.00This mile is for the beautiful Kirstie x
15204.09.2015Dishforth Military Wives Choir10.00Walking with you in sponsorship x
15104.09.2015Dishforth Military Wives Choir10.00Our Catterick girls wish you every success x
15004.09.2015Dishforth Military Wives Choir10.00You face challenges, yet walk right through them - lessons for us all x
14904.09.2015Dishforth Military Wives Choir10.00Amazing job x
14804.09.2015Dishforth Military Wives Choir10.00Thinking of you all x
14704.09.2015Dishforth Military Wives Choir10.00Hope you are all feeling good today x
14604.09.2015Dishforth Military Wives Choir10.00still inspiring us x
14504.09.2015Dishforth Military Wives Choir10.00Love that we can continuing supporting you as you walk into our area x
14404.09.2015Dishforth Military Wives Choir10.00Inspiring the world x
14304.09.2015Dishforth Military Wives Choir10.00not far left to go today! x
14204.09.2015Dishforth Military Wives Choir10.00Hope you are receiving lots of roadside support x
14104.09.2015Dishforth Military Wives Choir10.00Hope the weather is being kind x
14004.09.2015Dishforth Military Wives Choir10.00Looking forward to catching up with you in Ripon x
13904.09.2015Dishforth Military Wives Choir10.00With you in spirit x
13804.09.2015Dishforth Military Wives Choir10.00You are getting closer to us! x
13704.09.2015Dishforth Military Wives Choir10.00Supporting you all the way x
13604.09.2015Dishforth Military Wives Choir10.00Keep smiling x
13504.09.2015Dishforth Military Wives Choir10.00Hope you are feeling good! x
13404.09.2015Dishforth Military Wives Choir10.00It's been an honour x
13304.09.2015Dishforth Military Wives Choir10.00We will be here to cheer you on x
13204.09.2015Dishforth Military Wives Choir10.00Wishing you every success x
13104.09.2015Jen and David20.00Good luck with the rest of the walk
13004.09.2015Mandy and Will10.00Thank you for doing this x
12904.09.2015Paul colling10.00Great job :-) keep up the great work
12804.09.2015Mandy & Steve10.00You're AMAZING. So PROUD of you all. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE.
12704.09.2015The Angelson Family Horsham10.00You guys are amazing just glad i could help with my bought mile.
12603.09.2015The Edmondsons10.00Well done and good luck for the rest of the journey
12503.09.2015Norsemanfit10.00Fantastic. Forward forward Good Luck.
12403.09.2015Julie & Will20.00Wishing you all lots of luck. It was great to meet the team tonight.
12203.09.2015Jonathan hall10.00Proud of you all
12103.09.2015John & Anne from Boro20.00Good luck , hope you get a bit of north east sunshine in the next few days.
12003.09.2015Ian and Carole Moyes10.00It was an honour to meet you in Amble. Good Luck for the rest of the walk. is supporting you all the way!
11903.09.2015Fliss KoniecznyA small token of thanks to these brave young people.
11803.09.2015Margaret Mcquillan20.00Massive respect to you all
11603.09.2015CarolMe again! Welcome to Hartford bridge and our lovely plessy woods
11503.09.2015Cookie10.00Inspirational bunch of characters. Proud of you; well done and good luck.
11403.09.2015H & P Calder10.00
11302.09.2015Alan Esri20.00Great to meet you in Edinburgh last Friday - keep up the good work!
11202.09.2015Eccy20.00Good lad Scott and the team
11002.09.2015James and Trudi50.00Best of luck - hope the weather is kind to you
10902.09.2015Ken10.00Good luck.
10802.09.2015Fred-Ex SubmarinerBE THE BEST. Come on lads n lassies.
10702.09.2015Timansiller50.00Congrats and good luck
10602.09.2015Debbie & Donald Keiser50.00Best of luck to Capt. Andrew Bement & his fellow walkers.
10502.09.2015Shaz QamarGood Luck guys, you are truly inspirational. Loving the photos and tweets!
10302.09.2015Caroline J50.00Best of luck to all those involved with the amazing Walking With The Wounded initiative. Sending you love and support Caroline at Military Wives Choirs. x
10202.09.2015Jason and Marlaina Keiser100.00In honor of Capt. Andrew Bement and the sacrifices he and his fellow marines have made for our great nation. Keep Strong Andy!
10102.09.2015Kaze10.00Keep up the good work all round as a fellow Amputee you show that life does go on "ONWARDS"
10002.09.2015Anonymous10.00Inspirational people xxx
9902.09.2015Inverness Military Wives Choir50.00We're spreading the word and following your progress. Keep going...each and every one of you are an inspiration.
9802.09.2015Kasia Abbs20.00Keep Strong ... you are amazing.
9702.09.2015William & Thomas Miller10.00Keep up the good work team - you are doing brilliantly!
9602.09.2015maddy20.00best of luck
9501.09.2015@Milburn_House10.00Best of luck from @Milburn_House Alnwick
9401.09.2015Peter and Wendy20.00Well done to everyone involved.
9301.09.2015Kevin & Maureen Barnard Castle20.00Best wishes
9130.08.2015Family Quinn50.00Good to see you all today. Glad you got over the border safely!
9030.08.2015Anonymous10.00Your efforts are not forgotten
8929.08.2015Helen10.00Well done folks. Your walk, and the training you've done, doesn't just help you back to fitness but helps others through your fundraising and by the example you're setting. God bless you.
8729.08.2015Verity50.00What AMAZING guys are, it was an honour to chat to you last night. Hope you enjoyed the festival city and were not too traumatised by Fingers. Feet up on your rest day and I look forward to following your progress.
8629.08.2015Hazel10.00Wishing you all the very best.
8428.08.2015Adrian & Karen Butler20.00Good luck to all taking part, hope to see you en route.
8328.08.2015Sue10.00All the very best
8228.08.2015Jim20.005.00All the best!
8128.08.2015Rob & Lisa Povey10.00Massive well done to all taking part Celer et Audax
8028.08.2015Alex Link10.00Good luck to all involved!
7828.08.2015Ailsa Brynolf10.00Good Luck to All Taking Part. Well Done!
7728.08.2015Moira Morrissey10.00Hope the sun shines on you!
7628.08.2015Helen Reah20.00
7528.08.2015The Nicholsons50.0012.50Inspiring start with the kilted cousins - looking forward to seeing you in Hampshire soon !
7428.08.2015paddy, Tania, Harry, Angus and Freya100.00So proud, so humble... Go for it....
7328.08.2015Peter Evans50.00Brilliant effort guys, best of luck
7228.08.2015Anonymous20.00Good luck!
7028.08.2015Rachel M.10.002.50Well done guys and all the best for the rest of walk
6928.08.2015Stephen Wong20.00
6827.08.2015Margaret Clark10.00Good luck to you all. I hope the weather is kind to you.
6727.08.2015Paul Woodhead - Yesss Electrical20.00
6627.08.2015taff Davies50.00Thanks for the day out on Wed, it was a great pleasure to meet and walk with you all from Bridge of Cally to Scone Palace. You should feel proud of yourselves and you will inspire others to get off their backside and get on with it.
6527.08.2015joan weaverso proud of you all
6425.08.2015Sue Mildon20.00Saw you in Kinloch Rannoch this morning and wondered what was happening - first I'd heard of it. Well done and good luck to you all
6324.08.2015Lin Hall20.00Good luck to all of you you're amazing. See you in Bristol on week 6
6224.08.2015Richard and Jennifer Waite50.00A privilege to see you off on Saturday. Enjoy Scotland. You'll be in Edinburgh before you know it at this rate.
6124.08.2015Claire Pavey50.00We feel very proud of all of you and wish you all the best in the journey ahead Love Claire, Paul, Ant and Dan XX
6024.08.2015Alan20.00We'll be cheering you on as you pass through Yorkshire
5924.08.2015Pam20.00We'll be cheering you on as you pass through Yorkshire.
5823.08.2015Holly Milne20.00Good luck guys
5723.08.2015Abercromby vending ltd20.00Well done Roddy
5623.08.2015Rachel20.00Well done to all taking part
5523.08.2015Steve young20.00Best off luck, great cause
5423.08.2015Vikki Turner10.00Proud of you all
5323.08.2015Anne D20.00Hope it's not raining like it is here. See you 24th Sept Stewart for your Guildhall London Square Mile Salute detour! Anne
5223.08.2015Sarah20.00What an inspiration. I hope you have some laugher on the journey and remember, never give up hope.
5123.08.2015Mark Middlemas20.00Good luck everyone. Magnificent effort!
4923.08.2015Anonymous20.00Good luck and we'll done to everyone and a big thank you from Greenock in Scotland.
4823.08.2015Wee Tids10.00good luck guys.
4723.08.2015Alan Mills20.00Keep walking! Good Effort.
4622.08.2015Mandy Knighton50.00Good luck in this amazing journey, you truly are amazing love to you all, those boots just keep on walking xxx
4522.08.2015Fiona Sobey50.00
4422.08.2015A & D10.00Welcome to Yorkshire, good on yer
4322.08.2015chris c10.00Good luck
4222.08.2015Jackie10.00Your a credit to our country
4122.08.2015Pat H20.00Good luck for a great xause
4022.08.2015Suzanne Kerr10.00Good luck guys, you're doing something amazing and inspirational to us all.
3922.08.2015tao_of_pooh10.00wishing you all a blister free walk might see you up pen y fan @tao_of_pooh
3822.08.2015Barney and ann20.00Seen you start out today. You have a long way to go. We hope the miles are kind to you all.
3722.08.2015Derek Cameron10.00Aw ra best well done lads
3622.08.2015Pete McCormick100.00No question that you will succeed, no question you will make the money work hard for our wounded. Good luck to all, hope to see you en route !
3522.08.2015AnonymousGo guys ...and thanks for all you have given to the rest of us !
3422.08.2015Anonymous10.00Well done to all involved
3322.08.2015Gavin10.00Good Luck guys
3222.08.2015Eric Philips50.00Great walk, great cause, great charity. With you all the way.
3122.08.2015Corinna Hairy Goat100.00We're all proud and thankful for the efforts you make in the Armed Services on our behalf. And we're especially proud of you when in civilian life, against so many odds, you continue striving to achieve. Well done. I'll be thinking of you all.
3022.08.2015Lynn Robotham100.00Good luck Alec and the other guys,also thanks to the support team who have made this happen.
2922.08.2015joolsie crowther10.00Keep it going guys, sorry its not much xx
2822.08.2015steve kennedy50.00good luck and god speed, you are all heroes in my eyes.
2722.08.2015Susie10.00Hoping to meet up with you all along the route. Have a fabulous walk. X x
2622.08.2015Christine Hill10.00All the best to the whole team and supporters, I am inspired by you all.
2522.08.2015Chris Prince10.00Great cause good luck
2422.08.2015George Credland20.00Good luck. Will enjoy following progress.
2321.08.2015Caroline Thorley10.00Good luck. You guys are amazing!
2221.08.2015Elaine Brown20.00Wishing you all the best of luck and looking forward to meeting you in Amble of 1st September
2121.08.2015Mary Collins20.00Good luck with the walk
2021.08.2015Fiona Jappy20.00Good luck everyone, wishing you all the best for your journey!
1920.08.2015The Ingledews50.00Good luck Stewart and co. Enjoy the experience and we're looking forward to following you all!
1820.08.2015lMartin Leighfield20.00Good luck to you all and hopefully get to meet you on the 14th on Scafell Pike
1720.08.2015Karen Ditch10.00Good Luck guys, with lots of love and hugs to you all on this adventure
1620.08.2015Charleii Stanley20.00Good luck Stew and all the team. Xxx
1520.08.2015Ian Kennett100.0025.00Best of luck to all the team - simply inspiring
1419.08.2015Nina Beyers (nee Wallace)20.00Good luck Matt!
1319.08.2015Tony Giles & Sarah Webb50.00All the best for every mile - Fantastic Charity
1219.08.2015Dianne20.00Good luck and best wishes to all the team.x
1119.08.2015Lorna NightingaleGood Luck everyone for the 1000 mile walk of Britain - enjoy!!
1019.08.2015JOE BLX20.00
918.08.2015Mr T10.00Best of luck!
817.08.2015Mark O'Sullivan20.00Best wishes for your long journey.
717.08.2015Gav, Jae, Hanna & Amy50.00All the best to you all and a big shout to Matt!
617.08.2015Duncan Smart50.00I'll see you at the start line, God speed and Good luck.
516.08.2015Nick D10.00Good luck guys and enjoy it!
415.08.2015Will10.00Good luck. Looks awesome.
213.08.2015Jim Drapper10.00I might see you on the way :-)
111.08.2015JLCP20.00Fantastic effort. Thanks for all you do.