Stewart Hill

Regiment: The Royal Welsh
Home Town: Draycott, Derbyshire
Injury: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) which has resulted in brain impairments within executive function brain area, chronic fatigue, memory problems, severe and persistent tinnitus and bilateral hearing loss.
Age: 44

Stewart suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) on 4th July 2009 whilst commanding B Company, 2 MERCIAN in Afghanistan. His intrinsic motivation and desire to succeed, within his ability, remain the same, but Stewart struggles to meet these aspirations due to his brain impairments and daily fatigue. These difficulties fundamentally restrict what Stewart can do in ‘work’ terms’. He feels that he has become the antithesis of his old self; from a British Army Officer commanding hundreds, potentially thousands of soldiers to someone who now struggles to manage himself. His capacity to engage his brain in productive thinking is severely reduced. His trauma is not a life sentence though he shall carry his brain damage for life.

Stewart began painting a couple of years ago to help deal with his post injury depression. He adores painting and finds it is enticing, exciting and therapeutic, and feels alive when he is engaged in this activity. Stewart is drawn into the subject, does not find the process exhausting and strives to be the best professional artist he can be. Stewart feels that with the new lease of life brought to him through his painting, that this is the beginning of an exciting journey.  You can visit Stewart’s website at: 

“My trauma is not a life sentence though I shall carry my brain damage for life. I have transformed as a person. I am wounded walking and delighted to be Walking With The Wounded the length and breadth of Britain. I hope this journey will inspire Britain to help many others resolve their personal trauma and re-establish their lives. I ask Britain to transform the lives of wounded veterans. I ask Britain to help.”

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