Supporting Our Wounded Into Work

Raising funds to retrain and re-skill our wounded and support them in finding new careers outside the Military. You can help by making a donation or fundraising for the charity.

Who We Are

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The Charity

Since setting up Walking With The Wounded in 2010, ‘why do we need another service charity’ is a question we are often asked.

The Founders ed Parker & Simon Daglish

There are many existing organisations and military charities, each doing a wonderful job for our wounded, but we felt there was something missing. One word summarised it – Inspiration.

Our armed forces today are asked to do so much in our name and on our behalf. Every day young men and women are risking their lives in extreme circumstances, and they do so with great professionalism and courage. Many have made the ultimate sacrifice, losing their lives in the course of duty, and we must not forget them.

During the course of these operations many young men and women also suffer horrific injuries. When they return home they face a very different future to the one they had planned and with challenges they never imagined. Too often, however, we feel that our wounded are viewed with pity and sorrow. They don’t want this, but they do need our support. We want to champion them, to show people how remarkable they are, and show how they face their future with the same courage and determination which they demonstrate on the front line.

For many their future outside the Armed Forces is unsure and they face a long road to recovery. For those who are medically discharged, finding a job must be the priority to secure the income which is vital for their security and that of their family. In order to keep our military who have been injured in the public eye we undertake inspirational expeditions to demonstrate the fortitude and bravery of our wounded. Not only will these show how extraordinary the team members are, but they will inspire others who face disability and daily challenges.

We hope that through raising the awareness of our organisation in this way, that we can raise significant funds to continue the work we do.

Our Mission:

To fund the re-training and re-education of our servicemen and women, both veterans and those leaving The Armed Forces today.

We finance new qualifications, education and training programmes for those who are injured, to help with their career transition. This enables the blind, the burn victims, the mentally injured, the amputees and all the other wounded to rebuild their lives and to return to the work place.

We owe these young men and women so much for what they have done in our name and for our country. With your kind donations we can help to repay them with working to ensure that they each have a bright and fulfilling future for themselves and their families. Thank you for your support.

Supporting Our Wounded Into Work
Simon Daglish & Ed Parker 

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