Supporting Our Wounded Into Work

Raising funds to retrain and re-skill our wounded and support them in finding new careers outside the Military. You can help by making a donation or fundraising for the charity.

The Expeditions

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The Team

Mark Beaumont


The TV broadcaster and adventurer will lead the Walking with the Wounded team for the Trois Etapes. Mark famously broke the Guinness World Record for the circumnavigating of the world by bicycle in a time of 194 days and 17 hours. This 18,294 mile ride through 20 countries included an armed escort through Pakistan, unrelenting headwinds for a month in Australia and being run over and mugged in Louisiana. His other adventures have included a 13,000-mile cycle from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, climbing the Americas highest peaks, rowing through the Arctic and surviving capsize whilst rowing the Atlantic. His expeditions and charity fundraising started at the tender age of twelve when he cycled across Scotland, before going on to solo John O’Groats to Land’s End a few years later. When not travelling on TV projects and expeditions, Mark is often speaking at events, book writing, in training and involved in various charities and educational work,


What does being part of the Walking With The Wounded Trois Etapes team mean to you?
“Having followed the expeditions and sporting achievements of Walking with the Wounded teams over recent years, I am incredibly proud to be leading their newest endurance challenge. I grew up avidly watching the Tour de France I am excited to lead the team over some of the toughest climbs in the Alps. The Trois Etapes will be a once in a lifetime experience for the team, which will also raise much needed support for this deserving charity.”



Craig Preece


Military Background: Craig has been in the army for eight years, he was injured when the tank he was in hit a huge improvised explosive device. Craig legs were badly injured; his right foot and ankle were totally shattered in the blast and was later amputated. With the help of his physiotherapist , he learnt to walk again with the aid of walking sticks. His left leg has never fully recovered and his right leg was amputated following the incident.


What does being part of the Walking With The Wounded Trois Etapes team mean to you?
“Before I was injured I was a very fit person, I was a Physical Training Instructor and could run a sub 3 hour marathon. I ran regularly and took part in other sports; my injuries have taken that away from me. But I was determined to set myself challenges and goals. I do these endurance events to prove to myself that I can still push my body to the limit physically and mentally even with one leg. It is an honour to represent and raise money for Walking With The Wounded, it is an amazing charity and they do a lot of good with the money they raise.”




Don Maclean


Military Background: Don was a Royal Marine reservist, and was mobilised for service with 45 Commando on Herrick 14.


Nature of Injury: Don was injured on the 30th of April 2011, when he stood on an IED. The blast shattered part of his heel, broke his talus, navicular and fifth metatarsal. Following 12 operations and an infection that nearly claimed his foot, he began rehab in December 2011, and managed to get back on his bike in January 2012. He still has 6-12 months of rehab ahead of him.


What does being part of the Walking With The Wounded Trois Etapes team mean to you?
“Being a keen cyclist, I am happy to get back into riding again, this has been a massive boost to my rehabilitation and I’m sure my medical team would agree that the training and taking part in cycle races has helped speed up the process of getting me back on my feet again. Taking part in this challenge for Walking With The Wounded is important to me, I want to raise money for the charity and inspire wounded servicemen.”



Rab Smedley


Military Background: Rab was commissioned into The Parachute Regiment in August 2002 after a year at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. He spent six years with ‘the Paras’ prior to his injury.

Nature of Injury: Rab was skiing for his regiment in France and crashed resulting in severe injuries. These included multiple fractures to the cervical and thoracic spine, spinal cord injuries and serious trauma to the head, neck and abdomen. In the first six months following the incident two reconstructive surgeries were required to stabilise Rab’s neck and he still requires regular treatment to manage the severe neurological pain and displaced vertebrae.


What does being part of the Walking With The Wounded Trois Etapes team mean to you?

“It means so much to me to be part of this team. Early in my recovery I was inspired by the determination and fortitude of those severely wounded and injured around me; many of whom were close friends. Their motivation, attitude and continued perseverance against adversity has driven me to be all that I can be. It has also motivated me to be the inspiration for those soldiers in the early stages of their recovery from life changing injuries.”




Peter Latham
Investment Executive for LDC


Peter is responsible for sourcing and completing private equity transactions. He joined LDC in 2009 and played a key role in their investment into A-Gas; one of the other significant supporters of this team
A keen sportsman and cyclist, the Trois Etapes will be one of many cycle challenges Peter has undertaken. In the past few years Peter has completed both Land’s End to John O’Groats and the London to Paris in under 24 hour challenge.

What does being part of the Walking With The Wounded Trois Etapes team mean to you?

“The Trois Etapes concept of attempting to raise over £1million for charity is both worthy and incredible; and to be part of the Walking with the Wounded team in this challenge is an incredible honour, and one I can’t wait to start.”

Simon Oldfield
Finance Director of Matrix


A veteran cyclist, Simon is a member of Manchester based Abbotsford Park Road Cycling Club. He occasionally takes part in competitive events, and is also an accredited rider at Manchester Velodrome. Despite his cycling experience, he has never taken on anything of the scale of the Trois Etapes.


Simon Oldfield is Finance Director of Matrix, the UK’s leading energy management company. Matrix has offices across the UK and works with major organisations to reduce the energy consumption and carbon footprint of their buildings.


He joined Matrix in 2010 as part of a buy-out transaction which involved LDC investing in the business to support an ambitious growth plan which to date has involved a number of acquisitions and significant expansion of the workforce, office network and customer base.


Simon is a chartered accountant and prior to joining Matrix he was a partner in Ernst & Young.



What does being part of the Walking With The Wounded Trois Etapes team mean to you?

“Being part of the Walking With The Wounded team means a lot to me, I am honoured to ride alongside these brave servicemen and I am committed to raising money for what I believe is an amazing cause.”




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