Former servicemen and women can face many challenges when they leave the Armed Forces, and among the toughest of these challenges are reintegrating into civilian life and replicating the sense of purpose and self-worth they experienced while serving.

Many will find new purpose through employment, but volunteering can also be an effective means of meeting new people, reducing social isolation and discovering activities that increase well-being and may lead to employment opportunities.

To help those willing to engage in this way, Keep Britain Tidy and Walking With The Wounded have come together to launch OP-REGEN, a partnership that will work with local people to help regenerate areas in the community.

Our new programme, which is being piloted in Manchester, aims to recruit veterans and to help them to reintegrate into society by using the skills they acquired in the military – planning, logistics, coordination and communication – to work alongside local businesses, councils, schools and individuals to regenerate their communities.

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