Home Straight

Home Straight helps secure positive employment outcomes for unemployed veterans.


Home Straight Employment Advisors are embedded in veteran supported accommodation residences or with NHS regional veteran mental health teams. Helping unemployed veterans on the ‘Home Straight’ to finding employment and rebuilding their lives. Advisors work with people to build confidence, organise work placements, source funding for any required training and ultimately assist in gaining sustainable employment.

Our Advisors are located in homeless residences across the UK in Bristol, Glasgow and Dundee, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Catterick, Aldershot, Manchester and London.

In Catterick (partnership with Riverside ECHG and The Beacon), Lesley Swales is our longest serving Employment Advisor, having been in post since early 2014. Lesley is based in 31-bed residence, The Beacon, in Catterick. To date Lesley has worked with 93 beneficiaries, helping to secure 51 paid employment roles. Sean is one of Lesley’s beneficiaries.

In Newcastle (partnership with Forward Assist), our Employment Advisors have supported 121 beneficiaries at a number of residences and in the wider community. Forward Assist were also instrumental in developing a relationship with local Starbucks to pilot a work placement programme and following an initial intake of six candidates, 50% went on to secure permanent employment.

In Scotland (partnership with Scottish Veteran’s Residences and RFEA), William Cairns has been in post since February 2016, supporting 26 beneficiaries across two sites in Glasgow and Dundee. Jenny Robertson, our second Advisor who was based at Whitefoord House in Edinburgh, has moved on and her replacement, Kenneth Nesbitt joined the team at the end of November. Robert was one of Jenny’s beneficiaries.

In Bristol (partnership with Alabaré and RFEA), Tony Lovegrove has been in post since spring 2014. He supports beneficiaries in four Alabaré homes in Gloucester and Bristol, and additional beneficiaries in the local community. Tony has successfully brokered relationships with a number of local employers to find suitable employment for his clients, one of which is David. Tony has worked with 96 veterans, helping to secure 41 paid employment roles.

In Aldershot (partnership with Riverside ECHG, Mike Jackson House and RFEA), Alex Todino has been post since March 2015. She supports 26-bed residence Mike Jackson House and beneficiaries in the local community. Since being in post, Alex has already supported beneficiaries including David to 27 paid employment outcomes.

In London Jenny Evans joined the team in November 2015 to support Stoll. Jenny has started work with 44 beneficiaries, of which 23 have already found employment.

And in Manchester, working from the Walking With The Wounded hub, we have Gary Lamb and Scott Duncan who have helped to support 39 beneficiaries, including John.

Working with the NHS

As well as our work with homeless residences, Walking With The Wounded is also working in partnership with the Veterans Mental Health Network in three locations; the West Midlands, the North West and the East of England, to offer support to assist armed forces veterans with mental health needs back into employment. We offer bespoke support in finding the right job for each person and support in the job for as long as is needed to both the veteran and the employer.

In the West Midlands we are partnering with Enable to deliver Individual Placement and Support (IPS) via two highly trained and experienced team members, Leanne and Chris. They cover Shropshire, Telford and South Staffordshire, where they have already taken 25 referrals with nine beneficiaries securing paid employment.

In the North West we are partnering with the RFEA and the Military Veterans’ Service to support veterans in Greater Manchester and Lancashire. Nelly is our Employment Advisor in that region and since joining us in January 2016, Nelly has already supported 20 individuals to employment.

And in the East, we are partnering with the RFEA and Veterans’ First to support veterans in North Essex, where Employment Advisor Gayle operates. Since joining the team in November, Gayle has supported 16 individuals into employment.

To date the Home Straight team has worked with over 724 beneficiaries, with 284 paid employment roles secured.

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