Household Cavalry Foundation - Veteran's Rally 2020

This is the 5th year of the event, and first time on UK soil in the Lake District. For the last 4 years, veterans from the Household Cavalry, and a few invited guests, have been driving around France, Belgium and Holland, carrying out quests, with a few to achieving the title of overall rally winner. All entrants are ex Household Cavalry, with a few invited civilian friends. The teams must ensure that their cars are all road legal, and not exceed a purchase price of £450. All of this, including fuel costs,  accommodation, food and any travel expenses are paid by the participants. This ensures that everything raised goes directly to WWTW.

It’s a chance for old friends to meet up, pull up a sandbag and relive our younger years when we were soldiers. The serious aspect of the rally, is to raise awareness of veterans and serving soldiers mental health problems.

You can check out their fundraising page here

Combat Stress effects the majority of veterans, wounded or otherwise.