Nathan Evans - Robin Hood 100 Mile Ultra Race

Nathan is a British Army veteran with multiple operational tours and understands the difficulties ex forces men and women can face when trying to transition from an army life role into a civilian life and employment. Nathan first left the army in 2005 but after several years of difficulty fitting into to civilian life he re-joined in 2013 leaving again a year later to work in maritime security keeping him away from home and his family for long periods of time which was becoming more and more difficult for him. He has now found a job that will enable him to stay full time in the UK and also give him time to catch up on time lost with his family.   

Nathan will be doing a couple of shorter 50 mile Ultra Marathons between now and September in the build up to the 100miles as preparation but all race fees will be paid by him so every penny that is donated goes directly to the charity.  Nathan says “I feel honoured to be running to raise money for Walking with the Wounded in what is their 10th Anniversary year".

You can find out more about Nathan's 100 Mile Challenge here

UK Armed Forces Charity