Louis Alexander - 5-5-5 Challenge

Inspired by the brilliant Initiative by Run for Heroes back in March which raised over £7 million for the NHS charities and with events in the running and sports looking likely to not return back to normal in the near future, Louis decided it was the perfect time to start a new virtual challenge, but this time running to support our wounded veterans.

Louis has decided to start his own 5-5-5 challenge to represent the average of 5 days referral time, and a distance of 5 miles a veteran will travel to get the 1-2-1 support they need.

Please run or walk 5 miles in a veteran’s honour, donate £5 and tag 5 people to take on the challenge next.

If you are able to run the 5 miles but not donate, or vice versa can donate but not run or walk, then any support is greatly welcomed.

Join in with Louis' challenge here and tag @runforwounded on Instagram and #runforwounded #supportthewalk

As a nation, we need to support our soldiers when they return to normal life. Walking with the wounded supports these veterans back into work.