David's Story

David served over 12 years in 1 Rifles, and was deployed on many operations including Iraq, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Northern Ireland.

Following his discharge from the Army, David was diagnosed with depression which was linked to his operational deployments and levels of exposure to front-line combat.

Following a relocation to Northern Ireland, David found himself homeless. David began ‘sofa-surfing’ whilst attempting to look for a job. He soon became very depressed and at Christmas 2014, David attempted to take his own life. Finding himself ‘desperate and in a place he didn’t want to be’.

David made the decision to seek professional mental health support which he believes did help him.

David became a Home Straight client in April 2015, following a referral from the RFEA Central Employment Team. Home Straight supported him and secured housing with Alabaré in May. Walking With The Wounded’s Home Straight Employment Advisor then focused on supporting David back into long term, sustainable employment.

The charity's Employment Advisor helped David contact Ambrey Risk, a national maritime security company and secured an interview with them on 29th May. Ambrey Risk was very impressed by David and offered him the job.

Given the relatively short period of time for this transition, David couldn’t believe what was happening. He attributes all of this progress to the WWTW Home Straight programme and his Employment Advisor. In June this year, David signed an employment contract with Ambrey Risk, and found himself waiting to fly out on his first deployment with his new employer.

David was elated and for the first time in many months he could see security and a future. David is now on his second deployment and is expected to be away for 2-3 months. David has signed his room back to Alabaré and plans to sort more permanent accommodation when he returns to the UK at the end of his current deployment.

The Home Straight programme helped David in many ways but the main impact has been helping David to secure sustainable employment.

David commented: “My Home Straight Employment Advisor helped me with my confidence issues and was there to support me through my early difficulties of total uncertainty. He was that ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ that I couldn’t see.”

He went on to say “I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for the help provided through Walking With The Wounded’s Home Straight project."