After moving back to the North-East, David struggled to find work. He wanted a job in security and Lynsey, a WWTW Employment Advisor, looked for suitable vacancies and put him forward for a role with Mitie Security. He got the job and his wife, Susie, now also works there. WWTW sourced the funding for them both to get their CCTV licences.

‘My Employment Advisor went above and beyond what I ever expected her to do, and I am enormously grateful to her. One day a security company, Mitie Security, contacted her about a vacancy they had. She recommended me and sent my CV over to them. I had a telephone interview, landed the job, and started the next day! I was straight back into work, and it was brilliant.’

David grew up in a military family and knew from a very early age that he wanted to become a soldier. He joined The Rifles in 1998 and loved every minute of his 12-year career.

In 2010, when he was 31, David decided that it was probably a good time to leave the military - while he was still young enough to start a new career. He has regretted his decision ever since.

Life back in civvy street started slowly. To find work, David had to relocate from his home in Rochdale to Liverpool. He used the security skills that he had learnt in the Army, to get work in the Prison Service and was employed with them for the next 18 months.

In 2015, David had to leave his job to care for his partner, Susie, after she suffered a violent attack. The incident left her severely traumatised, and it took her years to recover. However, Susie was incredibly resilient and strong. With support, she started to move forward and to put past events behind her.

David and Susie moved to the North-East in 2017. They both looked for work but struggled to find anything and money was tight. For the next 18 months, they were ‘surviving but not living.'

David approached the Forces Employment Charity for help and advice, and they referred him to WWTW. In 2020, in the middle of lockdown, David spoke to his Employment Advisor, Lynsey about getting help to find a permanent, full-time job in security.

‘When I was struggling to find work, my Employment Advisor, Lynsey, was terrific. She sent me lists of relevant jobs and regularly called to see how I was getting on with my applications. Lynsey found me a great job in security, and she got the funding for me and my wife to get our CCTV licences. It’s been great and had such a positive effect on our lives.’

David has been back in work since April. He is happy and secure in his job and has received some great feedback from clients for going ‘above and beyond’. At some point in the future, he is keen to progress and to elevate himself into a supervisory or management role.

When they are not at their jobs, David and Susie are senior volunteer Search and Rescue leaders. They organise and train a large team of volunteer helpers to respond to missing person incidents and undertake search operations. It is a significant commitment, but it is worthwhile and rewarding.

Our expeditions are undertaken by wounded veterans and non wounded veterans. Charity work by wlakimng with the wounded help veterans back into employment