WWTW's Green Agenda Initiative

Walking With The Wounded is a value-driven charity which, as part of this philosophy, is working towards reducing our impact on the environment through our Green Agenda initiative. Our goal is to promote sustainability and environmental awareness at all levels of the business, and we intend to do this by:

a)     Educating our colleagues and encouraging them to make environmentally-friendly changes within their personal and professional lives

b)     Conducting an internal audit to help shape our environmental objectives as a charity

c)      Where possible, ensuring that businesses within our supply chain share our environmental beliefs

We understand that this is a journey, but many small steps can lead to great change when taken together.

Since beginning our initiative in 2021, we have:

1) Appointed “Environmental Champions” within our workforce, to take charge of the Green Initiative and be a point of contact for both internal and external parties
2) Incorporated ‘personal green goals’ within our yearly Personal Development Plans for staff to be encouraged to make ethical changes
3) Shared articles every 6 weeks around different topics, such as single-use plastics and meat consumption, to all staff to provide them with the knowledge and tools to assist them in their personal changes
4) Completed a ‘green audit’, with support from musicMagpie and the Growth Company, in our Manchester Hub resulting in recommendations for making greener choices, which we will now work towards

In 2022, we intend to:

1) Continue to have 6-8 weekly meetings with both Environmental Champions, HR, and the CEO, to discuss progress
2) Roll out our own ‘green audit’ to our other hubs and Head Office
3) Begin to implement changes in our Manchester Office, as outlined in the Growth Company audit, by the end of Q1
4) Continue to educate and encourage staff to be more aware of environmental issues and implement change, both in their personal lives and at work
5) Calculate WWTW’s carbon footprint

Combat Stress effects the majority of veterans, wounded or otherwise.