How we help veterans - Mental Health

We provide NICE recommended (typically CBT or EMDR) 1-2-1 private therapy with approved therapists, for ex-service personnel with mild to moderately severe mental health difficulties (typically 12 sessions per veteran). We also offer psycho-education sessions for adult family members, with accredited therapists, to provide them with the tools to support their family members.

We have partnered with TILS, CTS and HIS services for a number of years, with teams typically commissioning places for 50 to 100 veterans. The cost per referral is £1307. Upon referral, WWTW seeks consent from the patient, and upon receipt of consent, we work to allocate a therapist within 10 days and within 10 miles of the veteran's home, or online (which is providing to be incredibly popular).

Our Mental Health Programme has been independently reviewed twice; showing the effectiveness of the intervention to achieve significant improvement in self-reported measures of anxiety and depression from baseline scores to the final session.

 •    The effect size can be considered very large for both anxiety scores (1.52) and depression (1.43).

•    Nearly half of all patients starting above the thresholds for caseness moved below the threshold for either anxiety or depression by their final session (48.2% for anxiety and 49.7% for depression). A score of four or more for GAD and six or more for the PHQ) was experienced by around 70 per cent of clients for anxiety and 63 per cent for depression.

•    Level of improvement persists at 6 months, with around 42% below caseness for anxiety and 38% for depression.

"My therapist is a credit to her profession. From the start, she made me feel comfortable and at ease. She explained everything step by step and always left me in a great place after every session. I can honestly say she saved my life." WWTW Head Start Client

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