‘In some ways, WWTW and Lynsey saved my life. After leaving the Army, I was totally lost and had no idea what I wanted to do. Lynsey went through career ideas based on my skills and interests. It really opened my mind to the possibilities. Driving home after one of our meetings, I saw a lorry and it clicked in my head – I decided that I wanted to be a truck driver.’

Anas was 17 when he decided that he had had enough of formal education - he wanted to leave school and find a proper job. His Dad had been in the Parachute Regiment, and a career in the military seemed like a good choice. Anas joined the Royal Logistics Corp and served for 8 years. He travelled the globe and was posted to Scotland, Gibraltar, Kenya, and Canada and on tour in Lithuania.

As a youngster, Anas admits that he could be a bit cheeky and outspoken, and this had sometimes gotten him into trouble with his superiors. Conversely, Anas regularly suffered at the hands of the hierarchy that had formed within his peer group, and he was subjected to insidious bullying and criticism. Over time, his self-confidence was undermined and eventually, he decided to leave the Army.

When Anas re-joined civilian life in 2019, he didn’t have any idea what he wanted to do next. He went from job to job – factory-line and call centre work – until he grew bored and frustrated. His lack of self-esteem and personal goals eventually caused him to suffer from anxiety and depression.

In early 2021, Anas was initially referred to a WWTW Family Support Officer to help restore his mental well-being. He was then introduced to Lynsey, an Employment Advisor at WWTW, who worked with him to help him find a new direction and fulfilment in his working life.

Lynsey secured the funds required for Anas to complete his HGV training - £500 from the Royal Logistics Corp; £500 from the Royal British Legion and £370 from WWTW’s Quick Relief Fund. Anas was on his way to a new career and in December 2021, he obtained his HGV licence.

‘Lynsey secured all the funding that I needed to take my HGV course. I really have a lot to thank her for – my life had felt stationary until she got it moving again. Although I’ve now got a secure job, she still regularly keeps in touch just to make sure everything is going ok.’

Anas has recently secured a full-time contract with a road haulage agency. He is more than happy to remain where he is for now – his job is well paid, and he gets to stay in the North-East near to his family and friends. He plans to enjoy the Summer, go away on holiday and upgrade his car. Life is moving forward again for Anas.

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Combat Stress effects the majority of veterans, wounded or otherwise.