Mark O's Story

Mark joined the Army in August 1991 and served with the Royal Logistics Corps until he was medically discharged in December 2005. Mark originally joined the Royal Pioneer Corps which was amalgamated into the Royal Logistics Corps in 1993 (alongside the Royal Corps or Transport, Royal Army Catering Corps and the Postal and Courier Service of the Royal Engineers).

During his service Mark saw operational duty in Northern Ireland and completed 2 two year tours and 2 detachments, one for 6 months and one for 8 months. He also served in Bosnia, Kosovo, Sierra Leone and Iraq where he completed a 7.5 month tour of duty.

Following his discharge from the Army [December 2005], Mark spent 5 years working as a close protection driver. Following this Mark began working as a self-employed HGV driver. Mark said he enjoyed being his own boss. He continued to do this until 2013.

In 2013 Mark was diagnosed with PTSD which was as a result of his service in Northern Ireland where he was injured in an explosion [1996]. This resulted in injuries to Mark’s back, dislocation of his knee and internal bleeding.

Mark has received support from WWTW’s First Steps programme to fund his Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) Licence which is a legal requirement for anyone wishing to drive a lorry, bus or coach professionally.

Whilst at Alabaré Mark became aware of the 2015 Walk of Britain Expedition through a WWTW Employment Advisor.. Mark volunteered and drove a support vehicle for a period of two weeks. Mark also attended the charity's 2016 Cumbrian Challenge.

Mark is now in full time employment working as a driver.

Mark said “WWTW have given me a new lease of life. The Walk of Britain expedition helped me get involved in teamwork again. It feels good to help other people, it is nice to be involved and give something back”.

Mark explained that the support he has received from WWTW has shown him he can do it. Mark said “I feel like I’ve beaten it and can see a way forward. I am also willing to accept help which is something I haven’t been willing to do before”.