Walk Of America

As part of our strategy to develop The Veterans Transatlantic Partnership; and with Prince Harry as our Patron, we will be undertaking The Walk of America. The expedition will take place between June and September 2018 and comprise of six wounded veterans (three US and three UK) walking 1,200 miles in 14 weeks from the west to east coast.


The walk will create a platform to tell the stories of our wounded and their individual journeys from injury to the present day and more specifically provides a platform to engage in a wider conversation around mental health. Crucially the expedition also gives us the ability to fundraise against a poignant background of the centenary commemorations of the of WW1, a conflict which saw British and American soldiers fighting so valiantly side by side.


It is important to highlight that our expeditions are not funded by the charity income we generate, they are funded by corporate sponsorship partners, organisations seeking a platform to support the veteran community, engage with both internal and external stakeholders, gain a positive return against their CSR strategy and position themselves in the public eye as an organisation that believes in doing well by doing good.


Key Partners

Military Charity