Why Partner with Walking With The Wounded

“As a charity, Walking With The Wounded relies heavily on voluntary support to provide our services. Time and time again, businesses step up and offer their help; without it, we simply could not reach those veterans on hard times that need us. I am so grateful to all those organisations which select Walking With The Wounded as their chosen charity. Thank you”

Fergus Williams, CEO Walking With The Wounded

Thank you for taking the time to find out how your organisation can support Walking With The Wounded. We have some great ideas of how your company, employees and wider network can get involved and our team is on hand to talk through how we can help you implement and demonstrate your social value.

There are a number of benefits to partnering with a charity like ours; retention of staff, brand promotion, customer loyalty but to name a few. This journey begins with one question though. ‘Helping ex-military get back on their feet is our business. Can you make it yours?’


Corporate packages

Walking With The Wounded’s Corporate Packages are our most structured ways of working with organisations. With levels to suitable for most budgets, they offer clear and tangible benefits to a business in recognition of the charitable support we receive. Packages provide a minimum of 12 months partnership opportunities but can easily be extended to align with internal strategies or goals. We are proud to be able to ensure that the partnerships we secure see mutual benefit in the relationship.

[Download the Corporate Partnerships Packages 2022 document - PDF]



Walking With The Wounded has a strong portfolio of sponsorship opportunities. Flagship events including The Cumbrian Challenge and Walking Home For Christmas, and sponsorship of services such as our Regional Hubs and Core Programmes all provide opportunities for businesses showcase their social value. With a large supporter base, strong brand and clear community impact, entering into a sponsorship agreement with Walking With The Wounded can provide greater return than many existing routes through which your business uses its Marketing budget.


Fundraising & Volunteering

The heartbeat of any organisation is its people. Walking With The Wounded recognises this and can support your organisation’s staff engagement initiatives through events and networking opportunities that will appeal to the masses. Walking Events, Business Challenges, Cycle Competitions and British Bake-Offs; if you bring the support, we will channel it in the right direction!


"Barclays is delighted to be supporting WWTW – a fabulous charity who works tirelessly to support some of our most disadvantaged veterans and their families."

Lisa Marr, Veterans’ Employment Transition Support (VETS) Programme Manager

Partners and Supporters

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Forces Support

Please contact our corporate team who would be more than happy to have a chat anytime.

Joel Oxberry, Director of Income, E: Joel@wwtw.org.uk T: 07741 644 239

Andy Sloan, Head of Business Development, E: Andy@wwtw.org.uk T: 07818424304

Kate Tabain, Senior Relationship Manager, E: Kate.Tabain@wwtw.org.uk T: 07935 754 239

Tom Grimshaw, Junior Relationship Manager, E: Tom.Grimshaw@wwtw.org.uk T: 07935 065 487

Walking With the Wounded is a Vetrans Charity based in the UK. We support wounded veterans such as those in our case studies