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Invest in the future by rebuilding lives today.

Thinking about making a Will is something that lots of us put off, for all sorts of reasons. Amongst other things, we might assume that whatever we leave will automatically go to our partner and/or children – although that might not be so. Or we might feel that we don’t have much to leave anyway, so it’s not worth the bother.

We’re not here to persuade you otherwise.  But if you do decide to make or review a Will, we hope you will consider us. 


Every year, thousands of servicemen and women leave the Forces and most transition into civilian life relatively easily.  However, some can sometimes feel isolated and experience feelings of loss and struggle with the transition. Walking With The Wounded supports a pathway for disadvantaged veterans to re-integrate back into society and sustain their independence.

Recognising the inherent skills of our armed service personnel we offer assistance through our programmes to those vulnerable veterans who have been physically, mentally or socially disadvantaged by their service and assist them in sustaining their independence through new sustainable careers outside of the military.

Our promise to you

When you leave a gift in your Will, we make a promise to deliver lasting solutions, not short-term fixes – will you help make this a reality?

Who your gift will support

Leaving a legacy to Walking With The Wounded will help ex-military men and women long into the future.  It will make sure we can continue to give them the tools to rebuild their lives and start again protecting them and their families from being left without support or advice.  Below are the stories of some of the people your gift will support

With your gift, you have the power to rebuild lives and invest in their future.

Thank you.

Are you interested in leaving a gift in your will? Do you have any queries about leaving a legacy?

Contact Viveca Johnstone who will be happy to help you.

Phone: 01263 863902


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How your gift will support

WWTW supports three key areas for the most vulnerable veterans, enabling our service users to live an independent & successful life:

  • Employment
  • Wellbeing and mental health
  • Care Coordination

We have two Hubs – Manchester and North Shields – supporting our service provision in the North East and North West. Other staff are located throughout the UK and work in collaboration with other agencies. We work in partnership with the NHS, local agencies, police custody suites, other veteran charities, and local authorities.

Our support activities include:

  • 121 mental health therapy (CBT/EMDR) through a network of accredited therapist
  • 121 Employment Support using IPS methodology.
  • Provision of accommodation and support with the development and navigation of veteran friendly accommodation pathways
  • Navigation of specialist services, such as alcohol addiction services
  • Specialist support for those referred via police custody to lead a crime free life
  • Family support for those who are suffering as a result of their partners' needs

Our Year In Numbers

Find out About Gifting in Memory

Our Free Will Service allows anyone 18+ to easily write or update a simple Will for free. Most people who use our service leave a gift to Walking With The Wounded and we are extremely grateful for their gift which enables us to continue to support veterans and their families through our programmes.
You can write your Will in 30 minutes with professional support from Farewill here.

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The Goodwill Partnership provides a consultation service to make the process of writing a solicitor-provided Will as easy as possible. Consultations can be conducted by home-visit, online video call, or by phone.

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Already Have a Will

A codicil is a supplement to a Will and allows you to amend your existing Will without drawing up a new one.  If you have already made a Will and would like to include a gift for Walking With The Wounded, you can complete the codicil form below.



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A solicitor will help ensure that your will is valid and that your wishes will be met.  However, you can choose to use   a will writer or online will provider.

The cost of writing a will varies depending on how complicated it is.  You can ask several solicitors what they   charge before making your decision.  From time to time we have Free Will offers, which allow you to write or update your will  for free through a solicitor or online will provider. To find out more please contact

Viveca Johnstone at

We understand that circumstances can change. You can change the content of your will at any time. We will never ask you to tell us whether you have left WWTW a gift in your will, although we're always very happy to hear from you, so we can say thank you.

There are three types of gift you can leave in your will: 

  1. A share of your estate – This is a percentage of your estate after all other gifts and expenses have been paid. These gifts are very important to us as they usually maintain their value or increase over time. This also means you're less likely to need to amend it in the future.
  2. A specific sum – This is a gift of a set amount of money.
  3. A specific item – This could be something valuable such as an antique, painting, property or shares that we would sell.

If you already have a will and simply wish to add a gift to Walking With The Wounded you can complete a codicil form and store it with your will. A codicil is read alongside your will and allows you to make changes to your will, without  having to rewrite it. Download a codicil form.

At the moment, if you leave a gift to WWTW in your will it will not be included when valuing your estate for Inheritance Tax purposes. The value of your gift will be deducted from your estate before Inheritance Tax is applied.

However, Inheritance Tax rules can change so it’s always best to discuss your will and the type of gift you might like to leave with your solicitor.

Are you interested in leaving a gift in your will? Do you have any queries about leaving a legacy?

Contact Viveca Johnstone who will be happy to help you.

Phone: 01263 863902


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