Small Steps Big Differences

Small Steps Big Differences demonstrates how small contributions can unlock the biggest differences to the lives of those who served – reigniting their sense of purpose and enabling them to make a positive contribution once more.

Be it a £30 pair of work boots to enable a veteran to start employment, a £7.50 bus pass so they can attend an interview, or £20 for a veteran to buy his young daughter a birthday present to stem suicidal thoughts for, in his words, ‘failing as a father’.


Walking With The Wounded’s expert staff generate job opportunities, deliver access to immediate mental health care and support veterans and their families to get back on their feet – but it is our Quick Relief Fund that is often the tipping point for success. The little things making the big differences that help crystallise our work.


  • £16 to buy two Airfix models so a veteran could take his mind off negative thoughts
  • £25 for an online CSCS card training to enable work in the construction industry
  • Our team’s ability to buy a pair of smart shoes for an interview, £35
  • A SIM card to facilitate access to legal advice, £25
  • A new birth certificate, £14, to get ID to apply for jobs
  • Colouring pencils, £15, to help with mindfulness and mental health
  • Emergency short-term hotel accommodation, £200, for a veteran sleeping in a car, enables them to transform lives


These are all uplifting stories of hope, perseverance, and military values. Because those who served, deserve.

Make a small contribution that collectively will make a big difference.

Our expeditions are undertaken by wounded veterans and non wounded veterans. Charity work by wlakimng with the wounded help veterans back into employment