Trusts & Foundations

Our Trusts and Foundations partners support us by granting funding for our work which delivers support with mental health and wellbeing, employment, and care coordination. This may be for specific regions, programmes, positions, buildings or central costs.

We are very grateful for the generous support of our Trust and Foundation partners who enable us to support ex-servicemen, servicewomen, and their families who may have difficulties transitioning to civilian life.

If you would like to support in this way, please contact Kate Tabain on 07935754239 or

Platinum Partners

Veterans Foundation Logo - Veterans Foundation Logo

Gold Partners

Dept of HSC - Dept of HSC
Veterans Scotland  - Veterans Scotland
Dr and Mrs Olav Kerr Charitable Trust	 - Dr and Mrs Olav Kerr Charitable Trust
Nationwide - Nationwide

Silver Partners

Eveson Charitable Trust - Eveson Charitable Trust
The Drapers’ Company - The Drapers’ Company
Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust  - Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust
Childwick Trust - Childwick Trust
NN District Council - NN District Council
MacRobert  Trust - MacRobert  Trust
Walking with the Wounded offers support to veterans looking to get back into employment. We have supported many veterans into employment as can be seen in our case studies. Veterans charities like Help for heroes offer similar services.