Our Supporters

So many generous people have raised money for Walking With The Wounded through an event or by taking on a challenge and in doing so helped improve the lives of our wounded ex-servicemen and women. Do remember to send us photographs – we love to be able to showcase the amazing things our extraordinary fundraisers do to support our wounded. Thank you all for your contributions.

Here are just a few of our recent fundraisers:

Win a Diamond!

At the end of last year, our good friends at Webbs Jewellers in Holt, North Norfolk donated a stunning diamond worth £2000 to one lucky winner! The brilliant cut, E colour 0.51ct stone was won by local lady Judith on Friday 22nd December. The event raised a total of £2,050 for the charity.

Christopher Bailey's Chile Expedition

“We want to show what we can do and prove how ambitious we are, just like the great majority of our comrades, both male and female. And of course we’re pushing for significant financial support for organizations that look after veterans’ needs and give them a voice in society.”

Christopher Bailey is WWTW's regional coordinator volunteer for Herefordshire. He is currently on the #TruckSummit Chile expedition and raising money for WWTW and the Royal British Legion.

Click here to follow his journey live on the website.

Click here to donate to the expedition.

Chapel Street by Sheila Brady

We are very grateful to Sheila who is donating the proceeds of her book, Chapel Street to Walking With The Wounded.

Chapel Street was a row of old Georgian terraced lodging houses in Altrincham, home to some 400 Irish, English, Welsh and Italian lodgers. From this tight-knit community of just sixty houses, 161 men volunteered for the First World War. They fought in all the campaigns of the war, with 29 men killed in action and twenty dying from injuries soon after the war; more men were lost in action from Chapel Street than any other street in England. As a result, King George V called Chapel Street "the Bravest Little Street in England".


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Mark Carruthers' Single: Born To Fight

We are very grateful to Mark Carruthers who was keen to write a song about the plight that some veterans find themselves in after leaving the forces and after writing the song , Born to Fight he has now teamed up with Walking With The Wounded, dedicating proceeds of his new single to the charity. Mark said “I saw the good work, Walking With The Wounded do when I joined them for some fundraising challenges they ran in Cumbria and especially liked how they got beneficiaries of the charity to help, give talks and be involved in the events. If my song can raise a bit more awareness and raise some funds for the ones that need it then I’ll be happy.”

BBC introducing. "Love Mark's sound! Definitely reminiscent of a young Paul McCartney."

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Click here to buy it now on Amazon UK