WWTW Schools Programme

We are really keen to engage with young people and to educate them on the important charity work we are doing with our wounded servicemen and women.

Our Educational aims are:
What pupils will get from supporting Walking With The Wounded:
  • To introduce the charity and educate students about the work and goals of WWTW
  • To explore the consequences and aftermath of war for servicemen and women
  • To develop student’s empathy with others
  • To dispel some of the stereotypes surrounding disability and gender
  • To explore human motivation, endurance and determination
  • To be inspired by the strength of others
  • To explore the meaning of courage
  • Volunteering
  • Fundraising can support DofE criteria
  • Learn how to become engaged and help others
  • Count it as part of a larger project or EPQ
  • Growth mindset
  • Whether it be a marathon or a bake sale, schools can get involved in raising funds for the charity. For more information please contact the Fundraising team on 01263 863902 and download our Schools Pack here.

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