At Walking With The Wounded our success is down to our supporters and we are extremely grateful and humbled by the extraordinary efforts that so many make on our behalf. We really could not provide the support we do to those who served without you and your hard work.  Thank you from every single one of us.

In case you were stuck for ideas, here are some to get you started!

Run for David and Veterans Like Him

Take part in a park run or event a marathon and help support our servicemen and women get back on their own feet. £700 will support someone like David back into employment.

·        Register for your local running event

·        Dust off your trainers

·        Pick up a WWTW sponsorship form and share with your family & friends

·        Start training

Organise a Fundraiser Event in your Local Community

£800 can support a veteran like Sean through our Project NOVA aimed at reducing reoffending rates and making a positive impact on some of the toughest communities in the UK.


·        Quiz night in your village hall

·        Summer BBQ Street Party

·        Summer fete with activity stalls and cake sale

Climb a Mountain

Take part in the very popular 3 Peaks Challenge or climb any peak in your area taking your steps to support a veteran through our First Steps retraining programme


·        Get a group together – family or friends

·        Organise a date

·        Set up a fundraising page with a team name which you can send out to all your contacts

·        Have fun doing a challenge as a team

Get Cooking

Support someone like Harry through our Head Start mental health programme


·        School cake sale

·        Bake for a ladies/community coffee morning

·        Bake cakes for work and sell slices for £1 to go with the coffee/tea break

·        Host a Come Dine With Me evening

·        Create a Boiled eggs and soldiers brunch for Armed Forces Day at work or in school

Hold a Swishing Party

‘Swishing’ means swapping an item or items of clothing, shoes or accessories with friends or acquaintances. Many people across the world hold swishing parties to raise funds for charity, and now is your chance to raise much needed funds for Walking With The Wounded.


  • CHOOSE THE VENUE AND DATE – you can make it as small or as big as you like. Starting from your own home for the evening or taking over a village hall for the day.

  • SEND OUT INVITATIONS & ADVERTISE – do as much as you can through email and social media. Contact your local press which may offer free advertising as it’s for charity.

  • SELL TICKETS, run a raffle and sell refreshments

Find out more here

Tug of War

Run your own Tug of War event or set it up within a larger community event such as a summer fete or school sports day


  • Get your teams Any number of teams of 8 and an umpire. Have fun with your teams – Teachers vs. Sixth Formers, Rugby Players vs. Football Players, Chefs vs. Bar Staff, Dealers vs. Traders, Farmers vs. Builders etc. Also a 35m piece of rope and some coloured marking tape (see attached Guide for Judges and Competitors). A local chandler may well be happy to donate this. Alternatively, contact the Tug of War Association and invite one of their judges to come along and referee your competition – and they may also be able to lend you a rope.


  • Choose a location and date


  • Choose registration price and encourage team sponsorship

Find out more here

Hold an Evening of Promises

Create your own auction of promises fundraising event.  You can as local businesses to contribute promises or auction lots for your event and then create an event around the auction such as a lunch, dinner or drinks evening. 

  • Choose the type of event you would like to host

  • Set up the auction details

  • Add promises and invite others to donate theirs

Find out more here

Walking with Woofers

How about organising a charity event, to raise much needed funds for WWTW, involving our four legged friends? There is a long history of dogs in warfare, going back to ancient times, but more recently dogs have been successfully trained as scouts, sentries and trackers. Their uses have been varied and some continue to be used in the military to this day.


  • Organise a dog show at school or in your local area   


  • Create a sponsored dog walk
  • Take place once or on a monthly basis
  • More than one route

Find out more here

Table Top & Car Boot Sales

Whether buying or selling – everyone loves a car boot sale – and if you are worried about the English weather (not always helpful when it comes to organising outdoor events), then how about organising an indoor table top sale instead?!


  • HOW YOU CAN HELP - Many of our loyal supporters enjoy outdoor challenges and are intrepid in the extreme – cycling, climbing, rowing, walking and running in all kinds of unpredictable weather conditions. How about something a little less energetic – and a great chance to have a bit of a clear out at the same time? We all tend to hold on to things, or might suddenly find that we have a dozen lovely cushions or glass jugs, when really only one or two will do! This is a great way to raise funds to support the re-training and re-education of our wounded servicemen and women – some are homeless and desperately need employment in order to secure somewhere to live. You could have a mixture of stalls and tables at the sale – people selling their good quality, second-hand items, but also local shops selling new homewares, gifts, leather goods, jewellery, books etc. A mixture of vintage and new always works well.


  • DATE AND LOCATION - Good places for car boot sales are the local village green, football ground or school playing field. Table Top sales could take place in the local village or school hall, or sometimes pubs and restaurants have larger rooms for special events. The date can be whenever suits you. Have a look at a list of National Awareness Days – you might like to plan your event around one of these?

  • HOW WE CAN HELP - We can provide posters along with other marketing material and pop up banners – this can be arranged nearer the time of the event.