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Cumbrian Challenge Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – hear from past participants!

Dom Miller: "A fundraising event that goes beyond the usual sponsored challenge . This will challenge you and your team. Participating with and meeting individuals who have benefited from the incredible work the charity does makes it special and unique. It concentrates the mind on the challenges faced by ex members of the armed services who need help and support having served their country . For me personally , being able to help in a constructive way is as much a privilege as anything else." 

Mo Ricketts: "I’ve donated to many charities in the past and all have been good causes, but supporting WWTW is more than a cause. I now feel it’s my duty as a former servicemen to fundraise in order to give something back to the men and women who have been less fortunate than me." 

Ryan Griffiths, Generator Power Ltd: "A fantastically organised event with a real good feel factor around the place. A real challenge for a more than worthy cause."

Emma Morrey, Yodel: "Taking part in the Cumbrian Challenge was one of the proudest moments of my life. It was not easy, I pushed myself to the absolute maximum by completing the 'Tougher' route in heat, however, I have never felt so proud and rewarded by my teams efforts, and all those around me." 

David Mawson, Kier: "The Cumbrian Challenge is one of the very best events. The challenge is real the people you meet are people you are pleased to spend time with and the charity is something else. See you next year." 

Anonymous 2018 participant: "Being a veteran I can completely understand the difficulties many of my brethren encounter, due to their experiences. I count myself fortunate not to have the same tribulations and therefore it is more important for me to participate in this Challenge for them."

Stuart Stace: "A fantastic event, supporting fantastic and much needed work to help some of out most vunlerable servicemen and women. To take on a challege, gain support and then to personally knock it out the park.. there is no other feeling better than knowing... you just nailed it and did exceeded you own personal summit. A truly inspiring and challenging event, in aid of such an important mission.. protecting and helping... awe inspiring." 

Anonymous 2018 participant: "I had a tear in my eye when the guys on the walk of America spoke of what they have been through and how our effort on the walk and fund raising helps others like them. So proud of our troops and veterans."

Lis West, Latitude: "We’ve been taking part in this event since it first started and have seen it grow and evolve into the huge fundraising event it has over the years. It’s a tough event - it’s meant to be. It’s a challenge for anyone that takes part but the self satisfaction you get at the end and the sense of achievement is phenomenal. There are three routes so you can pick your challenge and there one to suit most fitness abilities. We didn’t have that luxury 6 years ago!! Whatever your level of fitness and whichever route you take on you will be challenged physically and mentally but your efforts won’t go unnoticed. If the weather is bad you can double the challenge! The staff and volunteers are amazing - friendly and committed to their jobs. The event is well organised. They are committed to safety and the welfare of those that take part. Anyone taking part will have an amazing day. Challenging and tiring this event with make you work for your medal."

Anonymous 2018 participant: "The Cumbrian challenge has been the most wonderful weekend. I felt moved by the heart-warming atmosphere at the campsite, the stunning weather conditions and the long and adventurous walk that allowed me climbing peaks like I had never done before in my life (and probably I wouldn't have if I knew what this was about!) Joy, pain, despair, amusement all in one go. And being at the top of that last mountain has been the greatest reward of them all. Taking part to this experience made me aware of the great job this charity is doing, by improving ex-forces lives. You can see that they were alone, but they are not anymore."

Emma Carpenter, Abberley Hall Parents: "A challenge of perseverance and stamina which rewards hugely with the stunning views. Tough but thoroughly enjoyable."

Jackie Wilkins: "The Cumbrian Challenge is very well organised event. The choice of three different challenging routes allows walkers of all levels. The camraderie is fantastic. It especially rewarding to walk with people that have helped by the charity. It really puts into context the value of taking part." 

Andy Woodcock, Arqiva: "A great event, fantastic organisation, a real challenge and a good cause. I really enjoy the way the teams pull together through the tough (and tougher!) periods to support each other through to the end. Legs still hurt two days after the event, see you next year..."

John Plumb: "A fantastic cause, a fantastic location and a serious challenge. The best thing you can do with your weekend." 

Anonymous 2018 participant: "This was my first time doing the Cumbrian Challenge and it really was Tough! Hearing from the ex-servicemen who have been helped by the charity and have turned their lives around was inspirational and humbling, and made all the pain and effort worthwhile."

Sarah Davies, AIG: "It was the toughest challenge I have ever taken part in but it was a totally brilliant experience! Very well organised and for such a great cause. #BeyondInjury"

Harrison White, FDM Group: "An amazing weekend in the hills, with great people working together for a fantastic cause!"

Team Gundog Girls: "(We) were thrilled to complete the Tougher route. It was a great challenge for a great cause and we were proud to help."

Colin Wilkinson: "Great event, met lots of new people, had a ball."

Nikki Osborne, Yodel: "The whole day was mentally and psychically challenging on so many levels, but having overcome these along the route there was no better feeling than crossing the finish line with my team... such a sense of achievement and I'm so proud and humbled to have been part of the day. I can't wait to register again for next year."

Allan, Darren, Paul, Teun from Team Brave but Foolish: "Brave but foolish we were but what a great challenge and an even greater sense of achievement. Thanks to all the WWTW staff volunteers and sponsors that made this a really special weekend. See you next year."

Phil Heald, Just Financial Planning Ltd: "The Cumbrian Challenge is no walk in the park but Walking With The Wounded allows us to serve those who've served us. Thank you!"

Roger Dunridge, Team Flatty Towers: "An incredible event that challenges you physically but also create team bonds that will last."

Mark, Lloyds Banking Group: "A fantastic weekend and a great experience, one I would recommend to anybody who wants to see if they can put mind over matter and overcome the challenge."

John Mitchell, Forecaster, Met Office (Aberdeen): "Glad we brought good weather! Thanks Andy and team for a fun and challenging weekend. The stories shared by the veterans demonstrated how WWTW can help to turn people's lives around."

Teun Van Rooij, Work & Skills Officer, Manchester City Council: "We really enjoyed it, felt a great sense of achievement and had some wonderful people sponsor a great cause." 

The Lowlanders: "As always the Cumbrian Challenge 2018 was a genuine test of stamina and character. The spirit of the entire event was superb with all the teams delighted to be there and working hard for a great cause. Extremely well organised with high levels of safety applied to the challenge. We will certainly be taking part again in 2019"

Dale Eades, Morson Group:  "A big thanks for organising this event. I found it breathtaking, heartbreaking and inspiring meeting and hearing the stories of the guys - something I'd not experienced at an event before. It was a delight to meet the beneficiaries which alone made the fundraising efforts worthwhile. I have bought in to WWTW and wish to do more. I personally enjoyed how our team bonded in these adverse conditions, we all work in separate departments and are now good friends. This must have a positive effect in the working environment and should be promoted. I was happy to be interviewed and I was asked what I would say to future teams that were not sure if they had what it takes, or had a fear of failure (or words to that effect). I regret not remembering Roosevelt's quote from The Man In The Arena which is very applicable:

It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deed could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood: who strives valiantly: who errs who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds: who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions: who spends himself in a worthy cause: who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”                                                                                                                                                                                       

Jon Cooke, Lyndon Scaffolding: "I wanted to let you know what a fantastic weekend we all had. The organisation was absolutely first class, from the minute we arrived at check-in to the day we left. All throughout the walk we were encouraged and advised by marshals, who couldn’t do enough for everybody. I have competed in many challenges worldwide and I can honestly say that this was by far the best organised. We will certainly be back."  

Jimbo, FDM Group: “This year’s Cumbrian Challenge was outstanding! As adventure events go, WWTW has created an amazing formula, which is testing individually whilst simultaneously provides huge enjoyment. WWTW's collaboration across their community of staff, beneficiaries, and volunteers, through to their supporters and donors is not only hugely effective but undertaken with a sense of fun. Thank you for another terrific event - looking forward to supporting more yet!”

Cameron Allan, FDM Group: "The Cumbrian Challenge was one of the best, most rewarding experiences of my life, a pleasure to be a part of it this year and many years to come. Fantastic event, fantastic people, fantastic cause”.  

Anonymous 2018 participant: "The Cumbrian Challenge was bloody hard work but to hear how our efforts in fundraising helps our veterans move up in the world made it all worthwhile. A hard slog but nothing to what some of them have been through."

Chris Mannion James, Arqiva: "The Cumbrian Challenge was definitely a challenge but not as great as the challenge as our ex-service men and women face when leaving the armed forces or medically discharge."

Nigel Roberts, Head of Broker Relations, AEGIS London: "AEGIS London continues to take part in the Cumbrian Challenge because it is an event that epitomises teamwork. Teams take part, teams support them and the team at Walking with the Wounded then does incredible things with the money we raise. It is one of the first things we put into our calendar each year." 

Billy Menzies, Assistant Director Performance & Compliance, HMP Kilmarnock, Serco UK Justice and Immigration: “I have completed similar events before but the Cumbrian Challenge was the best event I’ve ever attended. The team had a terrific time, warmly welcomed by all as ‘Team Serco’, camping out for two nights and enjoying the camaraderie that surrounds WWTW events. All participants provided support to each other throughout the day as everyone completed the route. We actually gained team members over the course of the walk. There was such a buzz at the finish line. The beautiful scenery and the great outdoors were an added benefit.

“It was a fantastic, fun, team building event for our Standards Audit Unit, the route tested us and each of us took responsibility at different times to motivate and keep the team moving forward and focused. We still have the route map posted in the office and on occasion still use that day for inspiration.

“We had such an amazing time that I am returning to WWTW with other competitors from the prison to complete the Balmoral Challenge in June 2017 and highly recommend colleagues within Serco, and others, to take up the challenge.”

Victoria Hall, Service Excellence Manager, Arqiva: “Having entered the Cumbrian Challenge each year since 2013, we decided this year to introduce an element of friendly rivalry, with four teams from different parts of our business competing.

“The enduring benefits in terms of team-building and leadership experienced by all four teams were further enhanced by their sense of achievement in completing this challenging event in such wonderful scenery. We’re already looking forward to next year.”

Rob Partington, Director, OzoneFIT Military Fitness: “The event clearly captured everyone’s imagination, and it was clear the dedicated staff and volunteers lived and breathed this cause, which in turn filtered through to an overwhelming positive force of smiles and good will.

“It was great to see so many shapes, sizes and abilities and even dogs taking part in our adventure, proving that you don’t have to be of elite fitness to take part in a tough challenge. You just require the will and commitment. You could clearly see whilst watching participants cross the finish line, what the day had meant to them.

“In helping others, events like this help build team spirit and generate confidence and positivity, which its participants can take away and utilise in their own lives. That’s better than any goody bag!” 

David Wiley, Sales Director, Helly Hansen: “Working with Walking With The Wounded on the Cumbrian Challenge has been a valuable asset for Helly Hansen.

“The Challenge has enabled us to engage with some highly influential people, deliver our brand objectives by assisting with such a well-run experience and to gain valuable PR exposure – all while supporting this phenomenal charity at what is one of its biggest fundraising events in the calendar.

“We are proud to have been associated with the Cumbrian Challenge and would not hesitate to encourage other partners to experience the potential this event has to offer by offering their support.” 

Ian Lofthouse, Director Nuclear Integration, Submarines, BAE Systems: “The reason we got involved with WWTW, and particularly the Cumbrian Challenge, is because I spent 35 years as a nuclear sub mariner in the Royal Navy and we’re really keen to do more to show that the Armed Forces covenant is more than just a piece of paper – to actually demonstrate how we support the Armed Forces when they leave and start to look at work in industry.”

Stewart Sharman, Deputy MD and Head of Ex-Forces Programme, FDM Group: “Last year we came along to the event in Cumbria and thought it was so fantastic we’ve come along this year and sponsored the map.”

Patrick Dean, COO, Shard Capital: “Thank you all at WWTW for the amazing time Shard Capital had in the Lakes over the weekend. I was greeted in the office this morning by a lot of smiling, sunburnt faces, along with a few people walking like cowboys!”

Simon Hughes, Head of Marketing, Shard Capital: “A massive thanks to all the WWTW volunteers and beneficiaries who contributed to such an enjoyable weekend. Everyone is still buzzing and talking about more challenges…so you can rest assured you have a willing bunch of participants here at Shard Capital!”

James Lewis, CEO, Shard Capital: “I’m proud of the company’s fantastic response to the Cumbrian Challenge, with over a third of the workforce fundraising and participating across six Shard Capital teams. I was delighted to take part myself; spending the day walking in the stunning Lake District setting in the sunshine certainly helped make lighter work of the rugged terrain. The real effort comes from the amazing volunteers and ‎staff at Walking With The Wounded who are doubtless looking to next year’s event already. Shard Capital will be there to support those efforts too.” 

Ibrar Ali, Head of Operations, Speedflex Europe: “The Cumbrian Challenge 100% achieved everything we wanted it to and much more. From having to organise their own logistics to get to/from the event, to working together on the fundraising and the camaraderie built during the event, it was great. It gave me a chance to see each of the staff out of their comfort zone and was a good character-building activity too.”

Shaun Savory, HR Director, Birketts LLP: “The Cumbrian Challenge supports team building, leadership development, provides genuine inspiration and above all is fun. Our ongoing presence is guaranteed.” 

Jonathan Agar, CEO, Birketts LLP: “This is an excellent opportunity to help others, challenge ourselves and accomplish something remarkable with friends. I’m delighted to say that following the success of last year’s walk (2015), the partners and staff across all four of our offices are fully committed to Walking With The Wounded and we’ve entered seven teams (in 2016).” 

Nigel Farthing, senior partner and sponsor of the CSR committee, Birketts LLP: “It’s particularly pleasing that colleagues at all levels are supporting this fantastic challenge. As well as fundraising for this very worthwhile cause, there’s a huge personal development opportunity for all those involved; team building, morale and health.” 

Glen Pilkington, Head of HR & Learning and Development, AEGIS London: “We keep coming back to this event as it is an excellent challenge with clear outcomes supporting veterans who have walked in far more difficult locations than this. Undertaking the event with work colleagues is great fun and helps to build our own internal professional relationships” 

Sarah Elmes, HR Generalist, Bunn Fertiliser: “Feedback from all of our employees was that it was a great event to be involved in, it was really well planned and really enjoyable so thank you for organising it all.”

Loraine Keirl, Health Coordinator, Scott Bader: “I would just like to say on behalf of our team a mahusive Thank You to your Team, from the moment we arrived we were made to feel welcome an that continued throughout the weekend. I will definitely be recommending to some of my fitter colleagues to get teams together and take part next year.” 

Rhys Lloyd-Jones, Corporate Banking, RBS: “It was a great event and organised to the highest order. I’m ok now, not been too bad afterwards, but at the time I was done! Absolutely exhausted!”

Robert French, co-founder, The Beach Café Mundesley: “It was a real physical challenge ( and I am still hurting!) I enjoyed the stunning route and scenery, the element of risk, the teamwork, the chance to do something for a very good cause, and the sense of achievement at finishing. I thought the event was very well managed, and staffed.”

Peter Bristowe, Founding Director, Edison: “Thank you very much for staging an excellent Cumbrian Challenge. I am now walking like John Wayne but safe in the knowledge that it is all for a very good cause! I thought the route was excellent. The marshalling and check points were very well organised and the encouragement from all and sundry was hugely appreciated!”

Cheryl Burgess, PA to CEO & FD, Adnams: “Wow, what an amazing weekend in Grasmere! So well organised, the help from the marshalls, the team back at HQ on the Friday and Saturday was fantastic… Such a memorable weekend with the WWTW team. Thanks again for telling us about it. We are already talking about who we can put in the team (or teams!) for next year!”

Vicky Day, Head of Prevention and Rehabilitation, Office of the Norfolk Police and Crime Commissioner: “We all had a wonderful weekend, thank you so much for planning an absolutely awesome route which was challenging but with stunning views. You should all be really proud of yourselves for pulling together an amazing event, the atmosphere was buzzing. Only sustained one small blister – although I think this was a consequence of dancing in flip flops!”


Support our wounded & come to Cumbria!

Wounded veterans can find it very hard to re enter employment